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Lighting trends

Nov 27, 2006 | by Wendy Weinert

Looking forward to 2007, there are many trends in home décor, one major trend among all the others is glass, colored, stained, art and murano. We've been seeing this trend making its way into residential design over the last few years and as homeowners become more comfortable with color, the use of vibrant tones in more permanent areas such as lighting and plumbing fixtures will increase.

No doubt you've all noticed the wide array of decorative mini pendants in a multitude of shades installed in kitchens and bars over countertops and islands. This trend will continue and increase in 2007 and beyond. We will see an increase in the use of glass and enamel as decorative elements over textiles and fabrics, and an increase of iridescent colors which can be attributed directly to the lighting industry and LED technology. LED lights are now seen in every aspect of home décor, including wall art and plumbing fixtures.

New trends in colors for interior design are also an important consideration for us all when working on both residential and commercial projects. We will be seeing an increase of warm neutral tones such as terracotta, browns, golds, honey and wheat. Reds will maintain their popularity in the richer, deeper tones as well as those with a blue tint but pinks will phase out and we will see mauve shades return along with shades of aqua. Greens will make a come back in shades of mint, lime, alpine, pale honeydew and hunter. Metallics will turn to gold and bronze shimmer.

Overall, we can expect to see simpler shapes and fewer embellishments as we begin to look to our homes to be a refuge from our hectic and complicated lives more so than ever before. Over-the-top opulence and the Hollywood inspired luxury will continue with finely crafted details and higher sheens on distressed pieces. Look for recycled materials to be gaining in popularity as the green movement gains momentum. Homeowners will be continuing to look to their personal spaces to be comfortable and comforting and their choices in materials will reflect their evolving consciousness of both family and world affairs.

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