fengshui-farmers1. Chinese Farmers Developed It

Farmers quickly realized how important all of the elements of the earth are and how they directly affect the growth of crops. Some areas are better than others, and using this concept helped them strategize how to best get wind, water, and sun to their crops.

2. Includes the Furniture Arrangement in the House

Furniture in a living room should be arranged for conversation and function. If it is arranged correctly, the energy in a room will make it easier to converse and enjoy a moment. A desk, if positioned how you feel works best, can help you concentrate better.

3. Consists of Five Natural Elements5 elements: Earth, Fire, Metal Water, Wood

Wood, earth, fire, water, and metal are the five elements; when placed appropriately in a room, they create a perfect, harmonious balance. These elements can be represented with plants, sunlight from a window, and color schemes.

4. Placing Good Things in a Room Creates Positive Energy

Whenever I am deciding on what items to place in a room, I base a lot on how specific items make me feel. Photos of family or trips, happy and bright paintings, keepsakes, plants, lights, and colors all affect your mood without you even realizing it. Decorating a room with feng shui in mind can attract what you are needing in life.

5. No Mirrors in the Bedroomfengshui-bedroom

I thought this was an interesting one, and when I thought about it, I realized I have no mirrors in my bedroom. Mirrors reflect light, and that messes with the atmosphere in a bedroom and creates bad chi. I have seen mirrors placed above a dresser tactfully, but if you want to follow feng shui, then the mirrors need to go.

6. The Entrance to a Home Lets in Energy

Many people forget about what is right outside the front door, but this is where the energy all begins. Balancing colors, textures, and decorations right where you walk in will allow good energy to flow into the home. This is the start of good health and happiness.

7. Color and Texture are Equally as Important as Furniture

Arranging furniture is critical, but what is draped on the windows or painted on the walls is just as important. Colors are a great way to bring the elements into a room. Certain textures can make you feel warm and cozy (like fiery or earth tones), while others can make you feel withdrawn (like metallic or water-like colors).
Feng Shui stones bathroom

8. Rearranging Furniture and Possessions Helps Maintain Chi

I often rearrange a room to spice up my life and get the energy in the room alive again. While your room might finally be looking exactly how you envisioned, as feng shui changes, so should your room.

9. Feng Shui Represents an Individual

This goes along with the conversation I was having with my friend. When people place style over comfort or comfort over style, their rooms typically correlate with the person’s personality. A cold room based purely on design might lack warmth. A room filled with soft chairs and clutter will often feel stressful and confusing. Balancing style and comfort can make your life more organized and less stressful but also more homey. I know when my home is cluttered or disorganized, I feel stressed and irritable.

10. Houses are Being Built for More Positive Feng Shui

Builders today focus on environmentally friendly homes and the best placements of rooms. Floor plans often are designed to get the most light in the main rooms and the least in the bathrooms. Rooms are opened up to allow more space while providing a feeling of organization and freedom. Builders add energy-efficient lights to homes and place them where they will be best used. With the placement of furniture, lighting, windows, colors, and décor, you can have positive feng shui in your home.

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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