As an interior design consultant, I am frequently challenged with space planning the ‘occasionally awkward room’. Let’s face it -if it was easy, I’d be out of a job!

Placement of windows, flooring, stairs, hallways, doorways, and, something as simple as an electrical outlet, can dictate how a room is laid out. Home dwellers want and need lighting options other than fixed overhead lighting. Accent lighting helps to set different moods in a room. This is achieved by using table lamps and floor lamps, often described as the jewelry of a room.

We all know that the magazines retouch the plugs and cords out of photos anyway, much like they retouch the appearance of supermodels. Something as simple as a misplaced $1.99 outlet can take the design of your dream room to a cramped menagerie of furniture pushed against a wall. The result leaves you wondering why your room doesn’t look like it came out of a style magazine! This lighting problem scenario can leave everyone, including the designer, frustrated with the outcome.

ModernLamp Cordless lamp

ModernLamp Cordless lamp

Challenged with this same lighting dilemma of unsightly cords and restrictive plugs, I proposed the idea of battery operated lighting to my husband. He also happens to be a home furnishings product designer. After two adventurous years in the making, we have a solution for this lighting problem. We have created a patent pending design for rechargeable table lamps that look like traditional lamps except these lamps are truly portable! No more flowers and large plants to fill the void where a table lamp should reside, these lamps can be placed anywhere. No more dangerous cords running under rugs (can you imagine cutting through a 2 thousand dollar woven rug?!), or wrapping/hiding cords around table legs. Rechargeable, cordless lighting is finally here to provide simple solutions to lighting dilemmas in homes everywhere.

About Carrie Fitzwater:
Carrie is an interior design consultant and cofounder/co-owner of Modern Lantern, Cordless Lighting Solutions. When she isn’t solving problems through design and messing up Quickbooks, she loves to spoil her two lil dogs while trying not to over spoil her husband and two grown children/men.

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