Lights were once a basic, necessary piece placed unnoticeably on the wall or ceiling. Homes that used light fixtures as a piece of art were typically higher-priced and decked in an overabundance of expensive décor. Fast-forward a hundred years, and suddenly light fixtures became accent pieces in everyday homes. I remember that my parents’ house had this giant golden chandelier with hundreds of glass raindrops dangling from it. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the whole world. My parents hated it. They talked about the day a ceiling fan would replace the “tacky thing.” When the chandelier came down, I was devastated. My dad gave me a few of the glass raindrops to keep, and I treasured them in my jewelry box; sadly, I believed they were real diamonds.

Photo by alainlm (Flickr)

Photo by alainlm (Flickr)

In the modern world, light fixtures have come a long way from chandeliers and basic ceiling fans; their style is as important as the painting hung above the fireplace. While light fixtures can change a room’s appearance completely, they can also be used as a piece of art. LED lighting is making a huge impact on today’s modern art.

Modern Light Fixtures Used as Art

Modern art is completely unique, with smooth curves and lines. The variety of shapes and sizes in art makes it easy for LED light fixtures to join in. I enjoy the modern look for its clean lines, but I feel you can’t truly capture the look without adding a few pieces of art in a room. Hanging a picture against the wall is a great way to pull the entire room together, but placing a couple of stand-alone pieces on the floor gives a room that extra modern touch. LED light fixtures have made it possible to have large pieces of art standing in the corner that serve both visual and practical purposes; the art form disguises the light and hides any evidence of eyesore bulbs. If you need lights for end tables, dressers, or cabinets, you can find lamps without the shade that swirl up in twisted forms and shed light from within their curves. For light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, there are plenty out there that are more reserved but still have that modern look and can be used as an art piece in a room.

Light Fixtures Used to Enhance Art

LED lights can be used both as art and in art. While light fixtures can serve as both art and light, LED lights can be added to enhance pieces of art. Placing small lights around a painting in the frame lights the picture and gives it a calming effect during the night that is impossible to overlook. Spotlights on the ceiling can be tilted in the direction of an art piece to capture attention both night and day and make it the focus of a room. LED lights are incredibly convenient to add inside and outside a home and can transform an object into a glowing, breathtaking piece of artwork.

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