Bridal Gift Suggestions for every Personality

Every bride is different and what might be considered the perfect gift for one girl might be returned by another. How to find the perfect gift for the blushing bride-to-be in your life comes down to one thing: her personality. Here are ideas to get you inspired.

Bridal Gift Suggestions for every Personality

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The “always think before you jump” friend or relative

You know the type. The one person who never does anything spontaneous and always has a plan. She’s practical, but that’s why you love her. The best gift for a practical bride is something she needs. If she doesn’t have a registry, don’t be afraid to ask the bride what gifts would be useful. Items like cookware are often popular with the practical types.

Bridal Gift Suggestions for every Personality

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The wild one

She might have calmed down over the years, but you knew the bride when she was in college and a little wilder. Look for a gift that indulges her wild side, but also fits in with her present life. Anything that incorporates zebra or leopard print, such as throw pillows, towels or a blanket would work.

Bridal Gift Suggestions for every Personality

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The bride with an artistic side

You’ve always been a little jealous of her creativity, but now’s your chance to show off your creative side as well. How about a fabulous piece of art? Or one of those DIY projects you’ve pinned to your board on Pinterest? A handmade gift is a great way to give something more personal.

Rustic Cheese Platter

The laidback, one-of-the-guys girl

The word “drama” isn’t even in her vocabulary. This girl would much rather be at a sports bar than watching romantic chick flicks with her girlfriends. Get her tickets for a local sporting event that she and her new hubby can enjoy. Another great option is to buy a case of her favorite adult beverage and pair it with new drinking glasses.

The adventurous girl

While you might not be able to buy this girl a plane ticket to Europe, you can give her something to take along on her next adventure, such as a new camera or quality hiking gear.

With the bride’s personality in mind, you can buy a gift you know she’ll love.

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