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You’ve found the chandelier of your dreams. Now comes the fun part – hanging it so it looks just right! But wait just a tick. There are a lot of room elements to consider. Before you get out your tool belt to add the crowning jewel to your room, take a moment to use our chandelier size calculator to check your measurements twice.

Step 1Table or No Table?

Select your table preferences.

Step 2Width, height, length

Select your room dimensions.

Step 3Get Your Measurement

Know your measurements.

The chandelier size calculator will also help you think through some basic room measurements and spatial requirements, such as:

  • How tall is the ceiling where the chandelier is being hung?
  • How wide is the room where the chandelier is being hung?
  • Is the chandelier being hung over a dining room table or an empty space?
  • If the chandelier is going to hang over a table, is it round or rectangular shaped?

Our chandelier height calculator will do the heavy lifting from there, providing you with a chandelier height measurement in a snap based on your unique situation.

Chandelier Height

Still looking for more answers? Find other helpful pointers in our Chandelier Ceiling Height Guide and Chandelier Buying guide.

Chandelier Height Guide
Chandelier Ceiling Height Guide

In the Chandelier Ceiling Height Guide, you can take a deeper dive into chandelier sizes that are appropriate for different ceiling heights. As the post suggests, chandeliers can look either too large or too small for a space if they don’t match the spatial requirements of the room. This guide will help you envision your space from the view of a 12 foot, 9 foot and 8 foot ceiling.

Chandelier Width
Chandelier Buying Guide

Our Chandelier Buying Guide covers the full gamut when it comes to chandeliers. Quick tips abound, including the scene pictured above. By measuring the diameter of your room in feet, and then substituting (not converting) feet for inches, you can easily estimate the ideal diameter of your chandelier. Fun, right?! Enjoy other tips including info on bulbs, style, cleaning, installation, design tips and more.

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What Size Chandelier?

Hopefully now you have a better idea! If our chandelier size calculator, height guide and buying guide haven’t answered all of your questions, our customer care team is at-the-ready to help answer any additional questions you might have. For more tips on what’s trending, also be sure to brush up on 2018 Chandelier Trends or just come back to our blog! We love talking about chandeliers, so stay tuned for updates from your friends at Bellacor.

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