What comes to mind when you hear the word chandelier? For many of us, it’s an image of the magnificent grand lighting fixture in Titanic or the exquisite golden chandelier in the 2004 movie Phantom of the Opera.  There is usually a sense of old world elegance when we hear the word, a  similar effect created by this chandelier from Savoy House.  These amazing chandeliers have the unique ability of captivating just about everyone and leave them in a daze of wonderful and lust.  Check out some of our favorite styles.

But the huge variety of styles available today makes shopping for chandeliers a real adventure. There’s something to fit every style and nearly every room of your home! For instance, to decorate a cabin or a rustic setting, consider this wheat inspired chandelier by Kalco. It serves as a great focal point for a room without the glitz of shiny metal and/or crystal.

If you have a more contemporary bent and appreciate a little dazzle, consider this ribbon chandelier by PLC Lighting. It gives a festive, party atmosphere to any room!

What about those who appreciate art deco style?  Check out the white drum shades and espresso finish on this chandelier in The Brady collection by Triarch International. It has a dreamy retro look!

Another possibility is an Asian-inspired piece by Arroyo Craftsman. It’s an American-made chandelier that celebrates the style of far-away locales.

And finally, for those celebrating something closer to home… consider this fun centerpiece as the perfect addition to a child’s sanctuary. The fixture by Kids Korner hints at the adventures and travels that lie ahead for the tiny occupant.

Over time, we''ve compiled a vast reference library filled with helpful hints and enticing ideas for the home. Lose yourself in these online "stacks" and find the perfect solution for your space – no Dewey Decimal System required.

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