If you are like me, you love an excuse to decorate your home. A change of season or in this case, when a holiday is right around the corner is the perfect reason to go to Pinterest for inspiration or your favorite blogger or even retailer to get a feel for what is in vogue for colors and decor. Once you have that in place, consider your budget as well as what you already have in your home. I am always an advocate on shopping your home, to see what you have for decor and diy supplies. I always like to think about long-term storage and what space I have as well. Then determine what you have time to do, especially when it comes to a DIY.  With no further ado, here is the perfect multi-use DIY project.

With everything provided here, there are printables to can create garland, place card holders, gift tags, wall art, t-shirt or pillow art and of course the project that we will be working on today, the burlap placemat.

A perfect party calls for the perfect seating arrangements! Use three candy canes to hold the cards up to give a very festive look. Coordinate the colors with your dinnerware for the perfect look.

Beautifully put together gifts require a beautiful gift bag or brightly colored wrapping paper with a ribbon or bow. But don’t forget about the most important thing – the name tag! Use our printables for those to create your own one-of-a-kind tag.

Garland can be used in a multitude of places. Consider using on a tree, across pictures hung in a row, on a mantel, outside on your porch, or even gracefully placed on a headboard. Be creative to make sure every room in your home feels like Christmas.

Art updated out for the holiday, transforms your home into a home worth entertaining! The two sized of printables provided, will be sure to be perfect for some frames you already own or a perfect excuse to purchase those you have kept an eye on. Line a hall, put on a mantel, bookshelf or a nightstand.

When paired with burlap, these placemats create a rustic effect. The small medium and large sizes provided, give you several options depending on the printer you have available and the table and dishware with which they will be used. For the most standard size place mat, use the large size (you will likely have to take to your local printer).


  • A printer
  • An iron
  • Scissors
  • Burlap from your local craft store
  • Freezer paper (don’t use wax paper because it is too thin)
  • Card stock for the framed art
  • t-Shirt (if you want to transfer onto wearable art)
  • Pillow cover (if you want to transfer into throw pillow)
  • Hole punch & ribbon/string to create a banner
  • Candy Canes if you are making placecard holders

Step 1

Download the printable project you want to complete.

You will find multiple sizes of place mats or wall art, or tree decorations from which to choose.

 the round gift tags/placecards
Download the square gift tags/placecards

Download Home For the Holidays 5×7
Download Home For the Holidays 8×10
Download For the Holidays Small Placemat
Download Home For the Holidays Medium Placemat
Download Home For the Holidays Large Placemat

Download Jingle All The Way 5×7
Download Jingle All The Way 8×10
Download Jingle All The Way Small Placemat
Download Jingle All The Way Placemat
Download Jingle All The Way Large Placemat

Download Merry Everything 5×7
Download Merry Everything 8×10
Download Merry Everything Small Placemat
Download Merry Everything Medium Placemat
Download Merry Everything Large Placemat

Step 2

Iron the burlap.

Make sure the burlap is wrinkle free and completely flat. This will ensure that your project has a good outcome.

Step 3

Cut Your burlap to size.

Double check what size your printer will accept. It is always best to run a test print to see if it is capable of printing the size you want. When you do the test print, make a pencil mark on one side of the paper to be sure what side the printer printer prints so you will know what side the burlap should face, up or down. Each printer is different.

Hint: create a template so that each placemat is identical.

Step 4

Iron on the freezer paper

Put the shiny side of the freezer paper down onto your burlap piece. Use your iron to adhere (melt) the feezer paper and the burlap together.

Hint: The freezer paper will start to get crinkled as it adheres to the burlap.

Step 5

Trim the freezer paper to fit the burlap.

It is important to be sure that the freezer paper fits the burlap exactly. If there is any burlap that is fraying or dangling away from the freezer paper, it will get caught in your printer.

Step 6

Place the burlap in your printer and print.

Your test sheet will determine which direction the burlap should be facing. You want to print on the burlap not on the freezer paper.

Hint: Remove all other paper from the printer tray.

Step 7

Remove the freezer paper.

The freezer paper should be easily removable. However, if it is a little stubborn, gently roll the burlap to “loosen” it or put it in the freezer for a few minutes to reverse the melt.

Step 8


Now that your project is complete, it is time to invite company over and use your newly created craft. Or put it out just for yourself to enjoy.

Did you try it? Which one did you use? Did you get your family involved? We would love to see it! Comment below with a picture and tag us on Instagram (@bellacorlighting).

NOTE: use these same steps to make a burlap banner or place cards  or even tree ornaments.

Looking for other printables? Here are a few more from which to collect ideas:


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Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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