Getting in the Mood

Other than oysters & champagne, our two greatest tools for evoking feelings or moods are color and lighting.

When creating a mood, the most import question is, ‘how do you want to feel?’ It may be seemingly simple. But think about it. It’s your home. It should reflect who you are and how you want to feel.

I am often asked to color the classic ‘white box’. While white evokes a mood, is it the right one for you? Is this how you wish love, live and care for your family? Will a white box stimulate you to create the next big thing? Depending on your personality and needs white is often not the answer.

Client’s home before.

Color is the universal language. We have our own personal relationship with color. We can even conjure up a color in our minds. If you are still and aren’t actually looking at it, you can feel how that color makes you feel. That is the power of color.

Color Effects

One of my clients had a ‘white box’ with a Great Room. They wanted to come home to peace and tranquility while having the flexibility of entertaining though lavish dinner parties. In Great Rooms, it’s key to use subtle color changes to identify ‘zones’. Typically Great Rooms have several zones: hanging out zones, cooking zones and dining zones. In the ‘hanging out and dining zones’, we painted a soft warm limestone color, pairing one wall in a very pale lavender.

Clients home after. Notice the slight difference of color on the walls.

A little pigment goes a long way. That’s  one of the points I typically share with my clients. We only need a few drops of pigment in order to activate both our physical and psychological responses to color. We respond to tonalities as much as to pigment. Often when people think of color, they think of bold ‘birthday party colors’. Our psyche’s are more sophisticated than that. This is an important lesson for folks to know about.

Layer in Lighting

Color + Lighting = Mood

Lighting makes a difference in mood. Notice the outdoor fixture mixed with crystal chandeliers.

Don’t be afraid to use different types of lighting in unexpected ways. Mix rustic outdoor sconces with more formal custom designed crystal chandeliers. Additionally, consider wallpaper as a way of laying in the right color to effect the rooms mood. For this client, we layered in the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Powder room with wallpaper on the ceiling.

With the right color and the right light, you will get the exact mood and feeling you are looking for.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Gillian C. Rose is a New York based interior designer specializing in color design consultancy and high end residential and boutique commercial projects in New York and beyond. Gillian draws on several years of professional experience in design practice, as well as her formal training from Parsons School of Design, to bring exceptional creativity and tailored design edge to all projects, whatever their size. Her approach combines all aspects of traditional design services that relate to both the projects context and clients individual requirements. She provides comprehensive, well-considered design solutions, with the aim of delivering spaces that exceed expectations.

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