What’s my Style?  Is it Contemporary?

One of the advantages of shopping on Bellacor.com is the ability to shop by style.  By going to our Shop by Style page you can pick the style that appeals to you and start shopping there.  In this post I’ll talk about the Contemporary styled items on Bellacor and how contemporary lighting or modern furniture might translate into your own personal style.

Contemporary and modern are two terms that can get academics and grammarians awfully riled up (see this recent story from NPR’s All Things Considered).  However, for the purpose of this blog post I’m going to put that debate to the side and use the word Contemporary to refer to these items on Bellacor.com, but on most items you could substitute the word Modern.

So, what is contemporary design?  Most people think of clean lines, shiny metal finishes, and simple or no patterns when you mention contemporary lighting or modern furniture.  And it is true, contemporary design does utilize those design elements.

But it is also so much more.  Your home doesn’t have to feel cold and have a lot of sharp edges to utilize contemporary design.  All of the following items would fall into the contemporary/modern aesthetic, but still bring a bit of unexpected life or a punch of color to your home.

Over time, we''ve compiled a vast reference library filled with helpful hints and enticing ideas for the home. Lose yourself in these online "stacks" and find the perfect solution for your space – no Dewey Decimal System required.

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