Candice-Olson-Divine-DesignSuperstar designer Candice Olson has wowed us with her awe-inspiring interior transformations for years.  In her HGTV series Candice Tells All, she pulls back the curtain, gets down to the basics of design, and reveals the true potential for a home to shine.  To do so in one recent episode entitled “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen”, she turned to industry-leading manufacturers Corbett Lighting and Troy Lighting to help her bring outstanding light to her exceptional designer environment.

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In the episode, Candice revamped new dad Brixton’s heritage townhouse kitchen and living room while satisfying the differing personal tastes of his family, especially his domineering mother.  With the help of Corbett Lighting, Candice transformed the kitchen into a space that is contemporary, functional, livable and absolutely gorgeous.  Candice implemented Corbett Lighting’s Viceroy ten-light chandelier as a focal point within the room for a visually stunning effect.  Viceroy features delicate crystal accents and a hand-crafted iron frame that comes in numerous finishes.  Candice selected an outstanding antique silver finish to add a regal touch to the room.  She made excellent use of Corbett Lighting’s Argento one-light pendant, which she smartly hung in multiples over the bar counter.  Argento, inspired in shape and design by a medieval chalice, is made of antique silver glass and aluminum in a polished nickel finish.  Argento is available in varying shapes and stem lengths for ultimate versatility.  Last but not least, Candice added her signature touch to the home’s living room, choosing Troy Lighting’s Mercury pendant to provide an abundance of warm, radiant light to the traditional/contemporary environment.  Mercury harkens back to a bygone era with half-cylinder antique silver glassware and hand-worked wrought iron metalwork in an old iron finish.  Mercury is also available in varying sizes.

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Candice’s expertise, and her choice of the highest quality products from Corbett Lighting and Troy Lighting, resulted in rooms that boast a high degree of polish and contemporary allure.  At the same time, the elegance is very much understated and as always, Candice chose products that ensure ease of use and livability.

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