Well chosen accent pieces can make or break the flow of an otherwise well thought out room. Poorly chosen pieces, or errr… ugly pieces, are sore on the eyes and greatly distract from the room’s other aesthetic qualities. Assuming there are any. And if there are none, that’s ok too- we’re here to help with that.

Oftentimes we can find ourselves in a decorating rut. We recognize our homes are in need of extreme makeovers, but unlike high profile television networks, our bank accounts are not exactly endless. The good news is that a little creativity in the area of home decorating can go a long way, and if we’re lucky we won’t have to spend a thing. In the event that we’re unlucky, we’ll spend a few dollars (which we could probably find at the bottom of our couch anyway).

This post focuses on how you can vamp up your home lighting style with a little paint, a little time, and a lot of fun.  First things first, rummage through your home and find an ugly lamp. You’ll want to find a piece that- overall has good structure (even if it’s boring or plain) and is in working condition.

You’ll need a few materials for this project, but don’t worry- most of these things you’ll already have.


  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cleaning Rag
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Craft Spray Paint
  • New lamp shade (found in the home furnishings section of most stores) if you’re less than happy with the current shade.

Choose an optimal spray paint based on the current finish of your lamp. Spray paint cans list the ideal finishes on the front or side of the can.

Now, painting 101, clean the surface of your lamp by wiping it down with a cleaning rag and some rubbing alcohol. Be sure to remove any hardware (screws, switches, etc.) so that it does not get painted. Also, to protect the cord from paint, use the painter’s tape as you would when painting the trim on your walls at home.

We’re ready to paint! Or at least we should be- so long as we’re either outside or in a well ventilated space with newspaper lining the floor. Now the fun part.

Holding the can 8-10 inches away from the lamp, evenly distributing color throughout the lamp’s surface. You will have to do this using multiple coats. It’s important to refrain from saturating one area; otherwise you’ll have drips that remain on the finished product. Wipe drips immediately away using a damp rag. A few coats of paint is generally enough to get the job done. Less coats result in an uneven distribution of color (which can be a cool look if that’s what you’re going for).

Let the lamp dry overnight, otherwise you’ll end up smudging the color.

Does the finish appear dull? No worries! You can find faux-finish spray paint at most hardware or craft stores for just a few dollars.

DIY projects offer you the chance to be creative so mix and match your colors. Pick bold colors of paint and pair it with a neutral lamp shade. Or choose a subdued paint to pair with a bold lamp shade. For ideas on styles visit our online inventory of lamps.

Do you have ideas on how to get out of a home decorating rut? Send them to marketing@bellacor.com for a chance to be featured as a guest blogger.

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