With summer just around the corner, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your outdoor living space, making it perfect for each party, gathering, and casual grill-out. You’ve got all the basics covered—festive market lights are strung, the burnt-out bulbs in your outdoor lighting fixtures are replaced, the patio furniture is outfitted with new summery cushions, and the BBQ is cleaned and polished. Now, for the finishing touch to add vibrancy to your outdoor living space and to tie together your décor scheme: A DIY succulent planter brought to you by The Bloom Of Time floral design studio in Laguna Beach, CA and florist on BloomNation.

Owner Adrienne Moore has observed succulents becoming a major trend for outdoor living spaces because of their amazing durability, drought tolerance, and fun aesthetic appeal. She and her team will demonstrate how to make your own DIY succulent centerpiece that will last for weeks, even months with proper care—safely carrying you through the season of summer hosting.

For this project, Adrienne and team selected a bright, summery color palette of earth tones, mixed with neon brights and an accent of super-trendy rose-gold metallic. But you can really customize your design to include the colors and drought-tolerant plants that get you the most excited! After all, your favorite colors are always in style.

Materials Needed

1. A wooden box
2. Cordless drill
3. 1/4” drill bit
4. Spray paint/primer
5. Painters tape
6. Planter liner, burlap or screen mesh
7. Succulents or other drought tolerant plants
8. Lotus pods
9. Potting soil
10. River rock
11. Quartz or other crystals


Gather a diverse selection of succulents or other drought tolerant plants.


Find a sturdy wooden box to use as a planter.


Drill drainage holes at regular intervals on the bottom of the planter.


For a decorative touch, mask a pattern on the planter box with painters tape.


Using a spray paint/primer of your choice, paint the planter box.


For a fun accent, spray paint a few lotus pods or another textural element to add to your succulent planter.


After waiting an appropriate amount of time for the paint to dry, remove the painters tape.


Line the bottom of the box with a planter liner, screen mesh, or burlap to prevent soil loss.

Now we will begin to place the succulents into the planter box. Add a small amount of soil to the box to keep the liner in place.


Remove excess soil from the roots of the succulents as shown.


Begin placing succulents into the box filling empty space with soil. Don’t be afraid to pack them in tight!



Now add your textural element. Shown here, our painted lotus pods are trimmed and placed.


Cover exposed soil with river rocks and a few touches of quartz crystal for some added pizazz and to prevent soil loss from overwatering or wind.


That completes our succulent planter box. Stand back and admire your handiwork.


Your succulent centerpiece will looks great as a standalone piece, or pair it with (these) Bellacor outdoor décor items for a modern and fresh vignette. Not in the DIY mood? Head over to Bloomnation.com to order this succulent planter from The Bloom Of Time, deliverable within the Orange County, CA.


Written by Brandon Ralph and Adrienne Moore

DIY Tutorial Photography by Brandon Ralph and Adrienne Moore

Head Shot Photo by Courtney Paige Photography: http://www.courtneypaigephotography.com

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