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Does it ever seem like hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear a report about how a product or material is causing harm to the environment and/or your health? Being conscious of sustainable and healthy living standards and practices is more important now than ever, and home décor brands have a responsibility to ensure that they are creating products that are ethically made and environmentally sustainable. Fortunately, there are a number of such brands that are doing things like using energy-efficient LED lighting options, implementing materials harvested from sustainable resources and recycled goods, and focusing on fair trade and responsible production practices.

With Earth Day fast approaching April 22, we want to celebrate some of our favorite eco-friendly home décor brands, highlight why it’s important to these brands to implement them to have sustainable practices and products, and provide you with some eco-friendly decorating tips in the process.

Access Lighting, a contemporary lighting brand

“At Access Lighting, we have always believed that our fundamental responsibility is to preserve our resources, our environment, flora and fauna. Our mission is to pass down an intact environment from generation to generation for years to come. In simple terms, not to “just do it” but rather to “do the right thing”.”

Janine Seal, E-Commerce Manager

A contemporary lighting brand that brings modern designs paired with cutting-edge technology, Access Lighting incorporates a multitude of energy-efficient technologies and solutions to fulfill its commitment to providing energy-saving light bulbs with net zero energy as their ultimate goal. The majority of Access Lighting’s collections include either LED bulbs or fully integrated LED modules with the goal of providing as many lumens per watt as possible, while drawing the least amount of energy. Access Lighting boasts over 300 Energy Star lighting and energy-listed products, and over 300 products that meet Title 24 requirements. The company’s energy-efficient products now also incorporate smart lighting, an ever-growing trend that allows the user to automate their routines, voice activate their lighting and provide optimal lighting for energy, relaxing, reading or studying. Ultimately, the company makes truly human-centric lighting.   


Access Lighting Wall Sconce

Access Lighting Flush Mount

Company C, a home furnishings manufacturer

“We believe there’s inherent beauty in renewable, ethically sourced products. We are passionate about making products – the right way. Company C proudly supports environmental wellness through its commitment to sustainably sourced materials. We strive to use eco-friendly materials in our home furnishing products. Most of our bedding is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic, and our indoor/outdoor rugs are constructed of 100% PET yarns made from recycled plastic bottles.”

Chris Chapin, Co-Founder

Company C, a premier design studio and leading manufacturer of exceptional home furnishings, has a favorite color: green. Natural, colorful, green living is inherent in the company’s fiber and they are committed to a number of sustainable sourcing goals using resources that have minimal impact on the environment. The company’s bedding collections are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified—a certification that is among the highest in the industry. This means they use materials like 100 percent organic cotton, 100 percent polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and materials that are OEKO-TEX certified. Since 2005, Company C has been a member of GoodWeave, an organization that partners with rug manufacturers to ensure carpets are made without the use of child labor, as well as improve working conditions and provide fair wages for employees. Each year, Company C donates a portion of its rug sales to this effort, which has helped improve the lives of children in India by providing funding for their education.


Aria Spa Full/Queen Quilt

Canopy Stripe Multicolor Rectangular Rug

Oxford Garden, an outdoor furniture brand

Oxford Garden, creator of outdoor furniture with thoughtful design made right, understands that a crucial aspect of quality outdoor furniture is having a beautiful environment in which to enjoy it. As a result, the company strives to maintain its local environment, as well as choose plentiful materials that will not negatively impact the environments from which products are sourced. Oxford Garden implements chemical-free production, with the majority of its furnishings created without the use of chemicals so no harmful by-products are released back into the environment. The company’s manufacturing is energy-efficient and its factories use recycled wood to fuel production kilns. Oxford Garden keeps its space green, with a focus on efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, and has a generous program to reallocate products to local charitable organizations. The company also focuses on energy conservation as it plans out its warehousing, distribution and office environment.


Hampton – 5-Piece 45-inch Table Dining Set

Essex 8-Ft. Bench

Varaluz, a sustainable lighting and home decor company

“Earth day is extremely important to us here at Varaluz. I started Varaluz with the idea that we could create beautiful lighting and decor without dumping tons of waste into landfills and our oceans. I am so proud to say we have continued and pursued that goal for 13 years quite successfully. We are always looking to do more for Mother Earth in everything we do, from product design to operations.”

Ron Henderson, Founder

Well known for handcrafting lighting fixtures out of sustainable materials, Varaluz dedicates itself to planet-friendly practices in each fixture the company imagines and creates. In fact, many of Varaluz’s designs feel so indulgent, so luxe, that you’d be hard-pressed to see them as “eco” at all. The company does it through carefully chosen materials—like recycled and reclaimed steel, glass and wood—and continually develops new ways to use them in fixtures. Ultimately, Varaluz creates products you’ll find nowhere else on the planet that are good for the planet, too.


Zag Dark Oak & Whitewash Bath Sconce

Fascination Zen Gold Four-Light Bath Fixture

When it comes to decorating your home, consider the benefits of sustainable home décor products and the many resources you have at your disposal. As you look for products like LED lights and energy-saving curtains, consider some of the above Earth Day tips for the home. Keep in mind, the brands that are going above and beyond to implement eco-conscious standards and bring you products you can feel good about.


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