No matter what your preferred decorating style is, you can design a more peaceful environment with these quick tips.

1. Decorate with Muted Colors

Decorate with muted colors

If bright colors are energizing and oftentimes too stimulating, try decorating with muted colors instead. A softer shade of your favorite color can help you to feel more relaxed. (If you’re trying to decide on a color, blue is well-known for its calming effects!)

2. Soften your lighting

To keep your overhead lighting from feeling too bright, install a dimmer switch that will soften the lighting. At night, you can add even more ambiance by lighting a few candles.

3. Keep floors and surfaces clear

Keep floors and surfaces clear

I know cleaning doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, but keeping your floors and surfaces clear will help to reduce stress. At the end of the day or right away in the morning, set aside 10 minutes or so to tidy up each room so you can enjoy a clean home for the rest of the day.

4. Add a touch of nature


If your home is lacking in decor, try bringing in a decorative vase of fresh flowers or some potted plants. The natural scents will help you feel calm and some plants can even purify your home’s air.

5. Bring the outdoors inside with natural materials

Decorate with natural materials

I think most people would agree with me when I say that nature is very peaceful. Along with decorating with plants, you can bring the outdoors inside with natural materials like jute, wicker or wood.

6. Keep it simple

A simple decorating scheme is refreshing. Be careful not to add too many complicated patterns in one room or overcrowd your space with decorative accessories.

7. Quiet your home

Are the loud neighbors or annoying traffic patterns causing you to feel stressed? Tune them out with soft music or consider buying a decorative water fountain.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, you can enjoy a more peaceful environment. Try incorporating a few of these tips in your house and see how they work for you!

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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