Lightovation 2019 showed the best and brightest in the world of lighting design, presenting the styles poised to make the biggest waves over the coming year. As the largest residential lighting show in North America, Lightovation attracts thousands of lighting buyers to Dallas, Texas each January and June where attendees are introduced to upcoming trends in lighting. The latest trends cross through all aesthetics and themes, offering something for every taste and setting. While plenty of lighting innovations hit the showroom floor, here are four that have heads turning and people talking in 2019:

The Modern Farmhouse Style

What do you do when you can’t decide between rustic and chic? Blur the lines and roll with it.

Vintage fixtures remain popular, but the need for those pieces to complement modern style has led to a crowd-pleasing shift. This trend blends sleek lines with the classic comfort found in natural materials, such as wood and hand-worked metal.

Varaluz delivers a prime example, by remixing their popular Lofty collection, with a fresh new gray finish. While keeping the integrity of the existing eco-friendly design, the gray finish results in a distinctly modern, distinctly rustic vibe that perfectly complements the hand-forged recycled steel frame.

With so many big names in the lighting industry using quality natural materials, it looks like pieces that walk the line between modern and vintage will have a strong foothold on the market.


pendant light hanging in foyer

Asymmetrical and Geometric

Instead of presenting a straightforward square or circle, 2019 has a growing number of lights with frames that outline the perceived geometry. Using thin lines and plenty of angles, this modern style offers the essence of a shape within a more complex design.

The trend allows for open structures that add depth to the passing light without obscuring it. In the Aria One-Light Pendant by Justice Design Group, the open metal framework makes a statement in geometry by creating a four-sided polygon, while the central cylindrical woven shade allows for clean ambient light to pass through. No style points have been lost in this minimalistic must-have.

There’s also a growing appreciation for asymmetry, using structured chaos to create an intriguing balance. This contemporary concept works in rooms of all shapes and sizes, giving it appealing versatility.

Dynamic Texture

lamp on side table

As the integrity of materials becomes increasingly important to consumers, more and more lights have an aesthetic you can both see and feel. Lightovation featured pieces using leather, rope and cement. Some lights replaced acrylics with ceramics, others went with wrought iron over the more traditional aluminum. It’s clear that designers in 2019 are interested in substance over substitution.

This style touches on everything from the support to the shade. Instead of a glass diffuser with an opal finish, multifaceted crystal surrounds the bulb. Thick fabrics and porous materials offer visual texture and bring depth to the light, adding volume to otherwise understated fixtures.

Using the natural artistry of materials has paved the way for all types of structural creativity. Case in point, the hammered gold metal body of this gold table lamp from StyleCraft. As the year progresses, don’t expect the texture trend to lose steam.

Fancy Finishes

While textured designs receive high praise, bright, retro finishes have also staked out a portion of the market. The Mitzi by Hudson Valley Leigh Pendant shows just how well vibrant pastels can drive up a small fixture’s charm.

With retro style infused into so many elements of home decor, it’s no surprise finishes have followed suit. A dash of color on an overhead light makes for a great accent, and accent lighting is the name of the game for so many designers.

Exciting innovations continue popping up in the lighting world, and Lightovation made it clear that the above trends will have plenty to say about the industry’s direction over the coming year.

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