A house is a large part of our life. We spend a large portion of our paycheck on them as well as a large portion of our time. Our place of residence, our homes, should be a place that rise up to meet us and give us a place of rest, a place for entertaining, and a place that we consider to be our very own personal castle. This Gift Guide will help you to get the right items into your home for a joyful retreat called home.


A bedroom is a space that should not only reflect you in an effort to make you feel relaxed at the end of the day to help you get the best sleep possible, but it is a room that is more than just rejuvenating your body. Much like the rest of your home, it should be welcoming and friendly. Bedding, temperature, color and organization is all a part of this.

Give your bedroom the royal treatment with custom drapery, paying special attention to your ceiling with a high gloss paint and a stunning chandelier, complimented by adding a warm welcome to your feet with the perfect rug. Don’t forget about the foundation piece to your room for the best rest of your life with a quality mattress and exquisite bedding. In the image on the left, blogger Kevin from Thou Swell opted for Matouk sheets and LaMont Limited Diamante White Full/Queen Coverlet and shams in white complimented by a gorgeous Crystorama chandelier.

Blogger Jojotastic says to create a bedroom that has order. Calm the chaos of your bedroom by choosing a nightstand or side table with lots of storage options. Don’t just use it for storage though, showcase some of your prized possessions like these vintage lamps.

Make sure you have a light fixture, in this case a chandelier, that is big enough for your space but doesn’t overwhelm it, says blogger Mallory from Style Your Senses. Your bedroom should be a space that you feel relaxed in after a long day’s work. The light colors chosen for this room makes it feel spacious. As a compliment, the gold makes the room pop.

Blogger Jojotastic says to create a bedroom that has order. Calm the chaos of your bedroom by choosing a nightstand or side table with lots of storage options. Don’t just use it for storage though, showcase some of your prized possessions like these vintage lamps.

Make your room amazing with a glamorous bed frame accented by plush sheets and bedding and of course an amazing mattress.  Each piece you include in your room is a paragraph that comes to tell a whole story. Make your story a happy one like this bedroom designed by blogger, The English Room.

Living Room

Living rooms give us the perfect opportunity to experiment with style. They are a room that we will likely see and use often. Because it is a public room, ideally, it should reflect the taste of everyone in your home. It is a place to reveal art, color and of course comfort, for both our personal lives and those we entertain.

Large pieces of furniture like couches, chairs and even rugs will likely be a part of this room. Choose quality pieces that will last with use. Opt to compliment colors and textures with throw pillows rugs and layered drapes. If you have a built-in, use this space to bring in elements of decor that pull the room together.

For different season or to freshen the space with little effort and a small budget, switch out your throw pillows, throw blankets and even pieces of decor.

A living room is the perfect place to have fun. The goal of blogger Hi Sugar Plum was to create the feel of a jewel-box, with deep colors, lots of glam, and to add an element of drama. This can be accomplished with selecting a bold rich wall color complimented by bright metal choices for your light fixtures and decor accents and complimented by contrasting prints in things like throw pillows, rugs and window treatments.

Blogger Monica from Monica Wants it, recommends investing in beautiful window treatments that you are going to love for a long time. Classic for drapes is a good idea as you won’t want to change these out every year, like you can with throw pillows and other decor items. These drapery panels would look great with florals, polka dots, velvet, burlap, trellis pattern, chinoiserie, and rustic farmhouse. The stripe itself would look lovely with any color. The stripes are thick enough that they feel modern while also being classic.

Blogger, Jamie from Blue Stone Hill and Dear Lillie, suggests using an ottoman or bench in between two couches to use to put your feet up or as a serving table. Don’t be afraid to use white as a base. The simplicity of white makes your room feel open and spacious, plus you can throw any color with it to make it pop. As an example the black beams and the gold fixtures make for a beautiful yet livable space.

If you are looking for a little Bohemian style, then Hanin Smith and Tracy Lewin from Beachy Boheme are the ladies to draw inspiration from. The key in your living room is to draw inspiration from nature and integrate it with throw pillows, plants, natural materials such as a sisel rug to ground your room, artwork with simple black and white photographs and a subtle swing arm lamp.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to the bathroom! From finishes to mirrors, colors, sinks, tubs, showers, towels, hardware, etc. The sky is the limit! Once you know the style, and the size of the room you are going from, select your vanity and everything can be built around that. Your mirrors, sconces, recessed lighting, sink, faucet and all other hardware can then be collected. Gray and white is always a nice classic color choice to go with.

Blogger Sara D. from Simply Sara D, suggest that you should consider many of the pieces for a bathroom remodel online for the convenience factor. She says, “I was nervous buying the vanities online, but they are absolutely perfect.  The vanities I chose have a gorgeous, color and are quality pieces.” As an additional tip, consider using a chandelier in your bathroom if you have the height. It brings a touch of glam to the space.

Blogger, builder, designer Jamie & Morgan from Construction2Style says that the easiest way to get the modern farmhouse look into your space? Use neutral colors, lots of plants, incorporate wood and go with black hardware. A beautiful vanity, vessel sink and faucet are also key.

Instagram influencer Brooke Lorraine Smith, opted for an industrial style mirror and light fixture. If opting to go for a more industrial look, choose dark finished metals, pieces that have caging offset by white. This will be sure to give you the outcome you desire.

Blogger Joanna Hawley from Jojotastic, says to consider ditching your dusty blinds you have in your bathroom and instead put in sumptuous linen curtains. The increased amount of natural light in the bathroom is unbelievable — no more bath cave! Just opaque enough to prevent neighbors from seeing in. “I’ve found that I’m happiest when they are letting in as much light as possible.”

Koby Bowen, a blogger and home builder often makes the designs of her clients bathrooms like a treat. Whether for a large or a small space, there are a few things to keep in mind. Get in as much lighting as possible, natural lighting is great but compliment it with plenty of artificial light as well. Consider this bathroom that has recessed lighting, a chandelier and mirrors that have built in LED – which is perfect for applying makeup.

Foyer or Hallway

When it comes to a hallway or a foyer, you want functional pieces that will aid in staying tidy and organized. Blogger Jill from Hot Pink Style, really took that to heart!

Think outside the box as well for what items will work in this space. For instance, Jill used what is made for a TV stand as a place to organize books, place a bowl for keys, put mail on when you first walk in the door, store shoes in and to illuminate the area with a lamp. A dresser or a sofa table could also work.

Of course the addition of a mirror to check your hair on the way out the door and a chair to slip those shoes on is the icing on the cake.

Consider a runner to protect your floor from a high traffic area as well as some art to bring what is often times plain walls to life.

This hallway, as put together by blogger Kate from Wit & Delight, really puts a spotlight on a mid-century inspired gold fixture with white glass globes. A dramatic light fixture that will help you and your guest see their way, sets the stage as they enter the house. Especially, if there isn’t a lot of other space to work around, this is an ideal spot to “decorate”.

Nothing says dramatic like a grand staircase! If you are fortunate enough to have one in your home, offset it with a large pendant light, some wall sconces and of course a chair. Refinishing an antique buffet with a dainty lamp will always work. Of course utilizing rugs to protect the floor from a high traffic area is a worthy investment.

The trend of ship lap isn’t going anywhere. Consider utilizing an easy peal and stick product such as Timberchic to make the job quick and seamless. If you aren’t a fan of that look, then wallpaper is a great alternative. The wall paper or ship lap or barn wood as a pop wall is a way of solidifying your personal style. Use this as a backdrop to proudly display family pictures, a beautiful clock or inspirational quotes to get you going on your way out or in!

Warm up what could be an otherwise boring space with color and decor. A gold accent sofa table will nicely fit in more narrow spaces. Don’t overlook a few decorative vases as well as your favorite faux bouquet that won’t need to have water changed or petals picked up. Books on your favorite topic might be the final touch that brings our your personal interest and taste. Use this concept in the foyer or the hall.


The kitchen is the central room to your entire home. Family’s come here to prepare meals together and where many household memories are made.

Designer Jamie Bellessa, says to dare to use your favorite color. Take a cue from her design and integrate and update the more ornate, traditional styling of the cupboards, by using your favorite color.  By adding 2 industrial black pendants over an island and mix it with a singular open cage pendant, it mixes up the styles a little further.

To really top it off, use bright gold hardware and faucets to make them pop. Who needs decor when your hard working equipment is doing twice the job by being decorative as well!

Jamie recommends considering an apron front sink. She says, “You can never go wrong with apron front sinks.” Of course the perfect bar stool completes the space.

When Katie Kurtz, influencer, realtor and designer completely remodeled a home to prepare for sale, she opted to use a lot of gold. Gold is one of those colors that isn’t going anywhere. It is a classic and a safe color to opt for in fixtures, hard ware and faucets.

Realtor Yvette Betancourt, showcases one of her homes with a stunning waterfall island, black pendants with a gold interior in the shade giving the space a warm illuminating effect. The results of her choices are those sure to sell!

Blogger and influencer Erin Williamson recommends trying to tuck away your appliance, such as microwaves and toasters from site to give your kitchen a more streamline look. Then depending on the colors of the woods used, such as this nice dark walnut color, use nickel finish for your lighting and your hardware.

When blogger and influencer, Erin from Suburban Bees redid her kitchen, she opted for white cabinets that made for a perfect background for the the gold hardware. Again, among designers, we are seeing gold as a mainstay. With her kitchen being a little more traditional in nature, she has a gorgeous island with butcher block. She added a bit of contemporary with a clear dome glass pendant.


A dining rooms foundation begins with the table and chairs. The style of that large piece of furniture will hugely impact the rest of the room. If you like traditional, go with more curved legs with ornate grooves. If you like modern, try something with very clean lines in a solid color that doesn’t have any sign of antiquing.

Wall art, buffet lamps, chandeliers, and console tables will further embrace the spirit in which the room is designed.

When you are welcoming your guests over, coordinate your table setting with beautiful flatware, stemware and place mats.

If you have a cold service floor, such as tile or hardwood, consider adding in a rug. Not sure what size you need? Make sure to reference this rug buying guide.

Texture, texture, texture. It adds warmth, creativity and a casual elegance that can’t be outdone. In this dining room, the tulip table is surrounded by chairs cover in a woven chevron pattern, with a highly engaging light fixture and a custom painting. Designer, Gina Dunn explains this dining room as being in love with the modern Spanish style of their client’s historic home. The artwork, created by her two children is complimented perfectly by the gold pendent – a true conversation piece.

Wallpaper, throw pillows, a round gold mirror complimented with a sputnik pendant and galvanized chairs, makes for the perfect place to add holiday decor –  such as these bats! If you have an inkling of interest to move toward mid-century modern certainly try a gold sputnik fixture just like blogger Sarah did from sarahhubbell.com.

Sometimes simplicity is best, says designer Elizabeth Age from LifestyleRow Interior Design. In this dining room, she highlighted the outdoors by using no window treatments. Then she did an eclectic mix of styles with a very modern and simplistic pendant light, industrial, galvanized chairs and a classic casual rug to soften the space.

Chandeliers with wood beads bring elements of nature indoors. Compliment this with a wood table, glass vases and galvanized chairs, you will achieve a farmhouse feel that will be inviting for years to come.

Adorned Homes


Thoughtfully organize your decor !

When you set out your holiday decor, think about how your “every day” decor is placed. Holiday decor should enhance your home rather than be a mishmash of stuff everywhere. You can even replace your “every day” decor with the holiday decor in the exact same positions and layouts, you already know that looks good! – Katie Kurtz, Adorned Homes

One can never have too many lights, too many ornaments, too many bows and glitter! Wintertime is the darkest season of the year in most places, and the glistening lights piercing the early evening into dark of night sky add a magic and glamour all their own! I prefer to keep my color palettes simple, say, shades of pink and white, or turquoise and olive green. Traditional reds and greens are always popular, and I will create decorations in those colors, but I prefer to create holiday enchantment that’s unexpected, fresh, new and different! – Holly Bentley, Bentley Design Works, LLC

For time and budget reasons, blogger Erin Francois recommends keeping the holiday decor pretty simple by using decorations you may already have and mixing in some every day decor into the Holiday spread. Think about purchasing fresh cedar garland and flowers complimented by beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree.

Tips to decorating a tree have to do with two things – one, having a beautiful full, dark green tree (real or faux) and having perfectly spaced string of lights. Blogger Chrissy from The Taylor House, used a Vickerman pre-lit tree to make this portion efficient and easy.  Next is to add garland, Christmas balls (around 100 for a 7.5 foot tree, and then use fillers, which could be anything from pine cones, to homemade decorations that you have used over the years, or some other purchased tree decorations.

The dinner table is one of the best places to easily decorate for the holidays. Simply add in some seasonal greens such as pine or holly or pumpkins, festive napkin rings and napkins, a few chargers and beautiful dinnerware and you are set!

Celebrating with family and friends is 90% of the joy of the season. Besides being sure you are prepped with a witty toast to get everyone warmed up, consider the table setting to be used as well as the cutlery and the serving dishes. Katie from Adorned Homes went for a more Scandinavian feel with wood accents paired with a natural eucalyptus centerpiece.

Blogger Kris from Driven by Decor describes making over her front porch for the holidays. Make sure to update your teeny, tiny wimpy sconces that you may have (just as she did outside her front door) with to-size outdoor sconces. In this case, she chose a classic style with lighting output that looks like glowing candles. This perfectly sets the scene! From there, add some outdoor decor such as pumpkins, lanterns, and a wreath. A cute dog with a bow never hurts either!

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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