In 2010, Instagram emerged on the social media scene and it’s been a popular addition to other visually-oriented options like Pinterest. So popular, in fact, that Facebook bought the site. In 2018, Instagram monthly active users reached the one billion mark, up from 800 million in 2017, according to Statista. While not all of these users may be interested in design ideas, it’s likely that a healthy percentage of them are. According to Pew Research data, Instagram users are:

If you’re looking to reach potential customers in these demographics, Instagram can be a great way to visually share design tips, trends, and products.

“Instagram is the perfect platform for creatives and designers, particularly as they grow their businesses,” says Rachel Ford, president and cofounder of Ford Media Lab, a content marketing and social media agency in Brooklyn, New York. “With its visual nature, it is the ideal platform for showcasing one’s work and becoming a source of shareable inspiration.”

Think Like a Designer

Ford recommends that designers and builders:

  • Treat their Instagram grids as they would their portfolios, curating each post as they would with the spaces they design. “Make sure everything you showcase on Instagram is as intentional as the spaces you curate,” she recommends. “Consider color, tone, saturation, texture, etc. Your signature design aesthetic is the idea place to start.” She recommends apps like A Color Story to help consistently filter and tone images. They also offer the ability to preview posts as they would appear before posting.


  • Invite participation with your work. “We advise our clients to turn their own customers into influencers,” Ford says. “To do this, simply create something people want to share and talk about on social media.” Ford calls these “Instagram-able moments.” Chances are, she says, designers are already doing this. “The missing piece is to attract people in and compel them to share.

Account Manager at Power Digital Marketing Kylie Carrasco also believes that Instagram is a great fit for designers. “Interior design is a form of visual arts, so it makes sense for the most visual social media channel on the Internet to play a major role in an interior design firm’s marketing strategy,” she says. She offers a couple of tips for using Instagram most effectively:

  • Consider Instagram Stories. These, she says, “are a large part of positive user experience and an essential piece of a successful Instagram marketing strategy. To make the most out of stories and to increase engagement, she recommends designers use tactics like the poll feature, “swipe up” (if you have over 10,000 followers), or the question feature. “Not only are they great ways to increase engagement, but they’re also great way to receive feedback from your audience and visually adapt your content to align with what they’re seeking,” she says.


  • Leverage trending hashtags. Instagram recently rolled out a “follow a hashtag” feature,” says Carrasco, prompting more accounts to use hashtags to their advantage. “The proper use of hashtags can support your marketing strategy and drive more users to your account,” she says. She recommends that designers follow trending hashtags like #entertainingathome or #neutralpalette and include them in their own posts. This, she says, provides “the opportunity to have your posts broadcast to a larger audience which will increase reach and engagement.”

Instagram consultant Emelina Spinelli recommends that designers not just show their work but tell the story behind their work. “In each Instagram post, explain the design process behind the work. Share what the client wanted and how you arrived at the end result. Captions are a terrific way to engage an audience and an easy way to begin generating interest for your work in an organic natural way without being salesy,” she says.

Stories, she says, are a great way for prospective customers to get to know you better and learn how to work with you. She recommends created a story or highlight services—called a portfolio. Here, she says, you could post 6-12 photos and videos of your best work. “A video walking around through the residence or space you designed will perform the best to literally show potential clients and fans what it’s like to work with you and your style. If you narrate the video, this adds a personal touch and helps people trust you more.”

Be Social

Instagram, like any social media channel, works best when users use it to actually be social. It’s not just about posting your photos and videos. It’s about interacting in meaningful ways with others.

“There’s nothing less encouraging than loving someone’s work and seeing they never respond to a comment,” says Spinelli. “Respond to comments to encourage your community to visit, leave their two cents, engage with you and your brand, and come back for more when you share a new post.”

In addition, Spinelli recommends finding and connecting with larger interior design influencer accounts, and responding to comments in their feeds. “These influencers have already created a community interested in interior design. By responding to their comments, you can build interest in your work and gain additional followers and credibility.” Ford also points out that following other designers will prompt Instagram’s algorithm to learn to suggest your account to a similar audience.”

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