Women are often in charge of home decor, but a man cave is a secluded space where the man of the house can express his creative side. The phrase “man cave” was first used in the early ’90s in an article in the Toronto Star newspaper. A man cave can be a spare bedroom, basement, office, or an air-conditioned garage – any space where a man can relax, decompress, work on a hobby, or enjoy quiet solitude at the end of a long day. (Women need this too, so stay tuned for our post about ideas for creating the ultimate she shed!)

What does man cave style look like?

Man cave style exudes a rugged, masculine feel. A manspace is a no-frills blend of smooth textures, warm, earthy color, and rustic touches. Bold plaids are often highlighted in rugs, upholstery, and curtains.

Furniture pieces are comfortable and sized up to fit a man’s physique. Couches, recliners, and seating are often upholstered in leather, faux leather, or a subdued print depicting the owner’s hobby such as sports, hunting, fishing, Harley Davidson, billiards, etc. A manly melding of rich colors, plaids, subdued prints, and a rugged aesthetic define men’s style.

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Games and Game Tables

Whether it’s billiards, foosball, darts, air hockey, or a hand of poker, every guy enjoys a good game. Consider adding a dartboard, game table, or an air hockey table to your guy’s getaway. It’s an easy way to de-stress and have fun with friends. 


Good illumination is essential to view the action. Consider a Tiffany glass pendant light above the pool table, or choose a sleek metallic 3- light pendant for a sophisticated feel. A wide range of shade styles is available including Mission, Arts and Crafts, outdoors, NFL logo, and skull designs. Don’t forget floor and table lamps with sleek, strong, or rugged styling.     

Wall Art

A robust yet subdued melding of colors, prints, and textures is signature to man cave style and this emanates to wall décor as well. Consider a print depicting a favorite sports team or a display of sports memorabilia on a shelf. Wall art such as framed sports jerseys, or prints depicting hunting, auto sports, rock ‘n’ roll, or other pastimes is also a perfect choice. For music lovers, consider framing and hanging vintage album covers.    

Theater Seating

Picture a home theater with a big screen and reclining leather theater-style seats, complete with cup holders – perfect for a big game gathering. Other essential home theater gear includes a projector, AV receiver, speakers, and soundbar. Don’t forget movie snacks! A home bar, snack table, and a mini-fridge provide grub to hungry guests!

Home Bars & Drink Essentials

What’s a man cave without a home bar? Bars crafted of natural wood in a dark finish are popular. Other popular styles include mid-century modern, mirrored, classic, and rustic designs. Industrial style bars are usually constructed of weathered metal or industrial piping. Home bars are available in several types: bar cabinets, bar carts, mini bars with wine storage, and tabletop bars to name a few.

Bar glassware that no bar should be without:

  • Double old-fashioned
  • Moscow mule
  • Highball
  • Shot
  • Martini
  • Margarita
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • Beer mugs
  • Pint
  • Tumbler

Don’t forget pitcher sets, liquor decanters, comfy bar chairs, and a bar sign! 

 Man Cave Accessories

Display sports memorabilia or collectibles on a bookcase or shelf. Corral loose playing cards in a cardholder. Additional manspace gadgets include drink coasters, cocktail tables, drinking games, pub tables, pool racks, smart remotes, arcade games, and walk-in beer coolers to name a few.         

These man-ificent essentials will create a hideaway that’s a comfortable place to call your own!

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