There’s a new crush in town. And it’s better than chocolates and more affordable than roses. Shoot Cupid’s arrow at all those you hold dear with a bit of loving, home décor humor.

Spread the love by sending them to more than just your traditional sweethearts. Décor lovers, furniture fanatics, moms, dads, daughters and friends alike will adore the sentiment. All that’s needed is a printer, your signature and lotsa love.

Print these easy DIY Valentines Day cards to be original with a touch of quaintness.

Supply List:

  • Paper, card stock is preferred
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • A paper cutter if you have one

Download Both Valentines’ Day Cards Here

When nostalgia is what speaks to your loved one, reflect on our mirror valentine with vintage charm.

Hint: Don’t forget to test your printer to know which way to put your paper when printing the message inside.

The lamps have it in this De-lightful valentine.

Hint: use cream colored paper if you would like this card to look more aged.

For personal use only.

Did you enjoy this printable? Comment below and let us know what other printables you would like to see.

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.

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