Don’t let poor lighting mess with your good looks. At Bellacor, we offer a wide variety of bathroom mirrors and vanities specifically designed to help you apply your makeup like a pro. From portable styles with powerful magnification to the brilliant illumination of LEDs, our makeup mirrors will get you out the door looking and feeling your best.

Which Makeup Mirror is Right for You?

The most important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for a new makeup mirror is illumination. After all, sub par lighting can lead to makeup gaffes like mismatched foundation, blotchy blending, and harsh lines. Be sure to choose a mirror with built-in or surrounding lights to ensure that your application looks great from every angle.

anti fog makeup mirror with LED lights

Wall Mirrors

When selecting a wall-mounted makeup mirror, it’s imperative to choose a design that not only helps you create your favorite beauty looks but also suits your bathroom space and reflects your unique sense of style. Many of our wall-mounted mirrors feature LED lights for ample illumination. These sleek pieces eliminate the need for additional vanity fixtures and are particularly ideal for fans of minimalist decor. We also carry an assortment of different shapes and styles to help you create the perfect focal point in your master bath or powder room. Oftentimes, wall-mounted mirrors are best suited for larger bathrooms that can accommodate their generous width and length. Keep in mind that many contemporary vanity mirrors include helpful features like dimmable controls and touch illumination.

Table Mirrors

If you’re looking for a quick addition to your bathroom space, table mirrors are an excellent option. These affordable styles come equipped with several different features to allow for skilled makeup application, and they can accommodate most counter tops with ease. Look for adjustable designs that conveniently tilt, swivel, and pivot to just the right angle, or choose dual-sided magnified mirrors for close-ups as needed. Many of today’s table mirrors also include built-in LED lights, USB cords, and multiple light settings to mimic the look of both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

Travel Mirrors

Complete those midday touch-ups with the help of travel mirrors. These handy tools are designed for on-the-go portability and come complete with built-in illumination. For maximum versatility, choose a slim tri-panel design that can be placed on your vanity or folded up into your tote bag for work and travel.

Touch-Sensor Mirrors

Hate dealing with tangled cords scattered all over your bathroom counter top? You may want to consider wall-mounted or table mirrors crafted with touch sensors. Activated with ease, these lighted mirrors eliminate clutter once and for all thanks to their cordless, intuitive designs. Turn them on and even adjust their brightness levels with the touch of your hand for fuss-free makeup application every time.

LED Mirrors

Many of today’s makeup mirrors utilize LED lights, making them a smart choice both strategically and economically. Choose a wall-mounted style with frosted LED strips positioned along the sides of the mirror, or opt for a smaller table design surrounded in LED bulbs. Naturally bright and ideal for mimicking the look of daylight, LEDs allow you to apply your makeup indoors without having to worry about how it will look beneath the sun’s harsh rays. These energy-saving bulbs use far less energy than their traditional counterparts and have incredibly long lifespans, so you won’t need to constantly stress over replacing burnt-out bulbs—even with everyday use.

Anti-Fog Mirrors

Apply your makeup right out of the shower thanks to the efficiency and convenience of bathroom mirrors with anti-fog functionality. These smart designs are equipped with anti-fog heated pads on the backside of their mirrors for a crystal-clear reflection without the wait. These styles are the perfect choice for faster makeup routines and are ideal for tackling the most hectic mornings.

Magnifying Mirrors

Whether you’re plucking your eyebrows, lining your lips, or trying your hand at winged liner, nothing is better for getting up close and personal than magnifying mirrors. Made for precision, dual-sided mirrors with magnification let you hone in on the little details and make a big impact on your finished look.

The Best Bathroom Vanities for Makeup Application

The bathroom vanity you choose also plays a vital role in your makeup routine, and it can either hinder or improve the entire process. Look for a vanity with plenty of drawers, shelves, and storage to keep your beauty essentials out of sight but close at hand. Drawer organizers and counter top makeup organizers are also ideal for storing frequently used products as well as brushes, sponges, and other makeup tools. Additionally, vessel sinks can provide additional space for unpacking makeup bags or laying out hot tools like curling irons, rollers, and wands.

brown bathroom vanityFAQs

Q: What type of makeup mirror should I choose for my space?
A: Deciding what type of makeup mirror is right for you will come down to your available space as well as your styling preferences and application needs. Rectangular and oval-shaped wall-mounted mirrors provide a better view of your neck and decolletage, which is helpful when matching your face foundation to your body. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, an adjustable tabletop mirror allows for more elbow room while still providing great visibility.

Q: Which makeup mirrors best emulate natural light?

A: Ensure that your makeup looks just as good in natural sunlight as it does indoors with the help of LED bulbs. Not only do these modern lights save on energy and boast a much longer lifespan, but they also closely mimic how your makeup will look in the light of day.

Q: What cutting-edge features are currently available in makeup mirrors?

A: Today’s makeup mirrors are made for the modern world with plenty of innovative features. Look for cordless designs and portable styles in addition to makeup mirrors outfitted with rechargeable batteries, USB chargers, and even wireless Bluetooth audio speakers.

Choosing the right makeup mirror is an absolute must when it comes to streamlining your morning routine, and it’s a guaranteed way to help you look and feel your best. Shop our complete collection of illuminated bathroom mirrors and vanities for a style that brilliantly accommodates your preferences and needs.


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