You’ve seen those beautiful home photos with indoor jungles or corners of greenery in every room. Or maybe you’ve read a few articles about how plants help to purify the air in your home. Either way, it’s no secret, botanical decor is in right now. With the variety of plant types, sizes, and decor options, you can easily incorporate this hot trend into your home – with or without live plants!

oval planters with live plants inside

Planters and Plants: The Easiest Way to Go Botanical

The most obvious way to bring a botanical look into your home is to place living plants throughout. Succulents and bonsai trees are both popular indoor plants! Beyond the type of plant, you can customize the look by carefully selecting a planter. You can easily find planters for every decor style in all colors and textures that coordinate with your home style.

If your home is more glam than green, this trio of gold planters for large plants will only increase the sophistication of your space, while a smaller white with polka dots jar would look great on your desk or tabletop.

For the modern farmhouse style, you can easily upcycle antique objects into planters around the home. Wooden toolboxes, old dresser drawers, and even colanders easily transform into planters with a quick DIY project.

Live plants do require a little bit of work and some sun exposure. If your home doesn’t get the best natural light, lifelike artificial plants help you achieve the same look.

artificial succulents in glass jars

Use Botanical Textiles and Patterns

If you’re not entirely confident about your green thumb, consider botanical textiles in your home instead! With pillows, curtains, chair cushions, or even statement sofas in fun plant prints, you’ll easily accommodate the trend in your home.

Palm-print throw pillows bring any couch to life. With textiles, you aren’t limited to the bright green of tropical plants, you can also incorporate black and white outlines or muted colors if you don’t want to go bold.

Curtain panels are a great place to add greenery, as well. Printed drapes help your indoor space mimic the view outdoors with florals in any color. If your other decor tends to be more neutral, these will be easy to add and change the feel of your room.

If you’re ready to commit and go all in on botanical, consider creating an accent wall with botanical wallpaper. You can choose a bold print like this floral pink and cream wallpaper, or you can go for something more muted like this gray botanical wallpaper.

Out of Space? Go Vertical

If you live in a small space and can’t fit one more thing on the floor or bookshelf, consider going vertical with botanicals through wall art or hanging planters. Art pieces are the easiest way to bring your walls to life, with a variety of prints from watercolor flowers to scientific illustrations to complement your existing style.

Hanging planters can make any corner more exciting and come in the same variety of styles that you find in free-standing planters. However, if the corner isn’t getting light from a nearby window, we recommend a fake plant for these spots.

Making the Botanical Trend Work for You

With any top trend, it’s tempting to ignore it assuming the trend will pass too quickly to justify the purchases. But with the low cost and endless customization options for botanical decor, there is no commitment. You can incorporate the look in small ways as a nod to the great outdoors, or you can make a statement with botanical wallpaper or furniture. We suggest starting small by browsing planters that fit your style. The plant and greenery will bring in the botanic look while the planter can fit your already existing style.

Botanical decor is all about bringing the outdoors in, extending your home beyond four walls and adding texture to your space. With a few easy purchases and updates, you can start enjoying this fresh look immediately.

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