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Hosting an open house for the holidays this year? Bellacor can help you get ready! Hosting a holiday open house is a great way to celebrate the magical season with all of your friends and family. Decorating your entire home to look festive, however, can seem like a daunting task — especially if you have a big home or limited time. Lucky for you, the whole house doesn’t need to be decorated! You can lessen the workload and make decorating simple this year by focusing your attention on these three areas:

Front Home Exterior

Welcome guests into your home with festive greenery outside of the house. You can hang up a wreath on the front door, or set up holiday planters on the front porch steps. If the open house is in the evening, consider hanging up a string of lights on the roof or wrap lights around any bushes you might have. Christmas lights instantly present a holiday look.



Like most parties, your open house will probably revolve around the food and drinks being served. Decorate the tables where people will be spending most of their time. If you’ve set out larger serving tables, you probably won’t have much room to add any centerpieces. There will probably be too much delicious food! To make the serving table decorative, simply cover it with a festive table cloth and offer guests holiday plates and napkins. Holiday Mug and plate set

Since people will be coming and going throughout the party, you won’t be able to decorate the dining room table with plates and silverware. To keep your table from looking bare, place a large holiday centerpiece or by simply adding some beautiful candles and a candle lantern or holder that you can utilize the rest of the year.


Living Room

The living room is probably where most people will spend time mingling, so take time to add a few festive décor pieces here and there. You might already have a Christmas tree set up, but you can also decorate table surfaces or hang up lights around the room. Any holiday figurines or holiday plants like poinsettias you have can be brought into the living room! If you have a fireplace, then make a fire! It will instantly make the room cozier.

Nearly Natural Holiday Candelabrum

Open houses are meant to be fun for everybody! This year, just add a few decorative touches here and there and you’ll be prepared for the perfect open house.

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