Well-chosen wall sconces can add essential ambient light and beauty to your indoor spaces. If your entryway has limited floor space, a pair of wall sconces will add the necessary light to your family’s daily comings-and-goings. Dimmer sconces in the bedroom emit a subtle, before-slumber glow. Bellacor has the best selection of sconces – perfect for any room in your home. Here’s a room-by-room tour of our distinctive wall sconces – uniquely styled to up the vibe and add sparkle to any space – indoors or out.

Foyer & Entryway Wall Sconces

What better way to make a glowing first impression than with a fashionably lit wall sconce in your entryway? Most foyers and entryways are small so adding stylish, on-the-wall lighting is a good idea.

large entry way with chandelier and wall sconces in entryway door

For a balanced look, match the size of your wall sconce to the dimensions of your foyer or entrance. A large, open entryway looks great with an over-sized design, while a smaller entryway is better suited to a small or petite wall sconce. Place a wall sconce near frequented spots such as a foyer table, or a sitting bench for removing shoes. If your entry has a staircase, install wall sconces to light up the stairs and landing. Beyond the decorative aesthetics, it’s important for safe stair climbing.

Pro Tip: Add a wall sconce next to the front door to serve as a warm greeting for guests. But make sure to check the ‘swing’ of your front door– the place where the door meets the wall. Hang wall sconces away from the door’s path.

FAQ: How high should I hang a wall sconce?

Place the sconce high enough on the wall so a person of average height won’t be able to see the top edge of the fixture or view the bulb from above or below the shade. In general, the shade should be placed within the natural line of sight.

Install wall sconces at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches above the floor, and vertically, six feet apart. If your entryway has a vaulted ceiling, you can hang sconces a bit higher, if desired. Make sure to give plenty of clearance around corners to prevent head or shoulder bumps.

Sconces placed along a stairway or under a balcony may be viewed from above, revealing the top opening and the lit bulb. To remedy the glare, cover the top with a louver or diffuser.

Dining Room Wall Sconces

wall sconces in dining roomHave fun in your dining room by choosing a futuristic, bold, or unexpected design. Your sconces will be a sparkling conversation piece at your next dinner party.

When choosing wall sconces, keep the design of your dining furniture and furnishings in mind. Furnishings with curved or ornate lines pair well with traditional or period-style wall sconces. Furnishings with a linear or square shape marry well with contemporary or mid-century modern styles.

Uplight wall sconces are the traditional choice for dining rooms because they throw ambient light upward and along the ceiling, creating an intimate mood.

Pro Tip: Well-appointed wall sconces on each side of the doorway look welcoming and light the way to the gathering space around the table.

Wall Sconces for the Living Room or Den

marquee wall sconcesAlthough living areas typically have an existing primary light source such as a semi-flush fixture or chandelier, wall sconces will provide an excellent source of secondary light. A sconce in a living room, great room or den will provide additional illumination without overpowering the space.

Place a sconce in an area that could use more light such as in a far corner, over a recliner or next to a sliding glass door. Add an elegant sconce to highlight your room’s features and furnishings – above a piano, adjacent to wall art, or on either side of a doorway.

In large living areas, wall sconces provide a much-needed secondary source of light. They help with illumination yet they aren’t so bright that they overpower the room.

Pro Tip: A dimmer switch will allow you to control the lighting in a room & create the perfect setting.  There are many types of dimmers, and  each is designed to be compatible with certain light sources.  Consult the spec sheets from your fixture or bulbs to ensure you use a dimmer that is compatible with your light source.

Hallway Lighting with Sconces

It’s always a smart idea to light up a dim hallway and wall sconces are an excellent solution. And an eye-catching sconce can transform a gloomy pass-through into a gorgeous corridor.

If you have an existing primary light source in your hallway, space wall sconces eight to 10 feet apart. Stagger light placement on either side of the hallway by placing a sconce spaced between the sconces installed on the opposing wall.

If you have no primary light source, place the sconces a minimum of six feet apart for safe hallway navigation. In general, place sconces closer together for practical use and farther apart for use as a decorative accent.

Wall sconces bring life and much-needed light to any room in your home. With their charm and versatility, they cast a lovely glow in any indoor space. Wall sconces can make a statement, enhance your existing decor and brighten up a room with minimal cost. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Using Sconces in the Bedroom

bedroom with chandelier and wall sconces

Your bedroom is the one place where ambiance reigns supreme. Your safe space away from the world, it’s important that the lighting reflects that very sentiment. It should also complement the style and decor that is already existing in your room. Most people choose to place this type of lighting in pairs on each side of their bed, but it can easily be installed as a stand-alone reading light. A pair of wall sconces make an excellent frame for your bed if you don’t have a headboard. Wall sconces are a smart, space-saving idea for smaller bedrooms providing both necessary and mood-setting lighting. It can allow you to eliminate the need for a table lamp, saving valuable space on your nightstand. There are a few best-in-class wall sconces that work well in bedrooms like swivel-arm and adjustable sconces.


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