Clean and calming with an honest feel perfectly describes modern minimalist interiors. Comfortable, angular design elements excite the eye while also emitting a sense of simplicity and roominess. (Think Feng Shui!) Other characteristics include an emphasis on natural light, an appreciation for open floor plan design, minimal details, clean lines and edges, and a basic color palette. “Less is more” is the sentiment for modern minimalist design.

Interior designers began embracing this simple, open style in the mid-20th century as a contrast to the traditional, ornate furnishings that were popular at the time.

In addition to its fabulous eye appeal, the benefits of a modern minimalist home include a clean, uncluttered space and a sense of calmness, which can reduce stress levels and increase overall happiness and well-being. This quintessential decorating style brings a refreshingly relaxing feel to your interiors.It’s no wonder then, why society has begun to adopt modern minimalism as a way of life. Plus, minimalist furnishings are streamlined which gives you more space – even in the tiniest of rooms.

Read on for the best in designer examples and minimalist decorating ideas to bring this popular, livable style to any room in your home.

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Ceiling Fans

A sleek, minimalist-inspired ceiling fan will bring a calming coolness to your bedroom or living area. Choose a light or neutral finish such as white, grey, or matte black to achieve a modern minimalist feel.

Designer tip: Match your ceiling fan to the room’s size. A too-small fan will fail to provide adequate airflow while an oversized fan will overwhelm the space. Choose the largest ceiling fan that will complement the room while also providing optimal air movement.

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Pendant Lighting

An open space with plenty of light signifies minimalist design and a simply designed-yet-functional pendant light will add needed illumination to a living area, reading nook, or favorite quiet spot. Pendant lighting is a type of light fixture that suspends from the ceiling from a metal rod, cord, or chain. Also, pendants can be hung at any height you desire, providing a glow to any modern minimalist space.  

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Bath Lighting

A bath is a space for quiet self-care.  Soft bath lighting in a minimalist design can help create an inviting, stress-free place to escape to at the end of the day. New minimalist bath lighting can transform the look of your bath without the cost of an expensive remodel. Remember to take room measurements before you buy and consider variables such as installation method, maximum wattage, bulb type, and light direction.

Accent Tables

Thoughtful curation and an open, uncluttered space epitomize modern minimalist style, and a simple, streamlined accent table reflects this of-the-moment look. Minimalist accent tables are available in a vast array of shapes, heights, and sizes. Depending on its shape, and the room it’s placed in, an accent table may also be referred to as a cocktail table, end table, coffee table, side table, or console. A carefully placed minimalist accent table is a simple way to add a sleek and stylish surface to your interior.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are often mounted in pairs to provide soft accent lighting throughout a room. And are often placed on either side of a bathroom mirror, bed, doorway, or spaced down a hallway for ample illumination. A pair of minimalist wall sconces can also serve as a bright accompaniment to chandeliers or pendant lighting. Minimalist wall sconces also work well in small baths where there is limited counter space.

Counter & Bar Stools

Impress your guests with comfortable counter and bar stool seating which reflects the sleek, streamlined feel of modern minimalist design. It’s important to consider the bar stool height you will need before you buy. If the stool is too short it will be difficult for your guests to reach the bar; too tall and your guests will tend to slouch – both make for an uncomfortable evening.  

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Cabinets & Chests

Nowhere is the modern minimalist style more pronounced than in the clean, pared-down design of cabinets and chests. Designed for ample storage and appealingly streamlined, minimalist cabinets and chests are excellent for tucking away essentials such as barware, media, or linens; storing these knick-knacks away is imperative for creating a sense of minimalism. A TV cabinet is not only functional but also serves as a beautiful focal point. Popular styles include panel, stand, console, and corner console designs.

Wall Art

Modern minimalist wall art features serene, uncomplicated images, which give a calming, relaxing feel when viewed. Often abstract in design, minimalist wall art features paintings and prints in calming blue and grey tones. Also popular are 3D, sculptural designs made of metal wire in a gold or silver finish. Oversized abstract wall art can also serve as a unique conversation piece in a living area or dining room. For an art gallery feel, arrange a group of art down a hallway.

Less means more when it comes to modern minimalist design. The above minimalist designer pieces will bring a livable, relaxing feel to your interiors.

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