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Hand Carved Wood Box

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Bellacor #: 663868

Sale Price: $28.00
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These organically beautiful hinged treasure boxes are made from carefully ...
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Enrico Products Large Driftwood Hinged Box
Bellacor Number: 663868
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These organically beautiful hinged treasure boxes are made from carefully selected pieces of reclaimed roots and fallen tree trunks. The pieces are artfully shaped to echo the history of the material and each tells its own story. Great as gifts with something special inside, for that collection of travel trinkets from all over the world, or to stash the keychains on the hall table. Sizes will vary somewhat and wood tones may vary widely. *Made from hand-collected and environmentally-friendly material *Each piece is first shaped by the elements and then finished by skilled artisans, so no two are ever alike *Gorgeous wood grain and a unique shapes make these great for a wide variety of decorative uses *As in nature, color and shape may vary. *Approximate Dimensions: 11 L x 4 W x 3.5 H inches Hand made from naturally fallen wood collected in the forests of Northern Thailand, the materials for each box are first shaped by the elements into organic jungle driftwood. The village artisans creating this sculptural collection work with the unique shapes and features present in the raw wood to create practical and beautiful works of art. Jungle Driftwood pieces are just that, driftwood and scrap material left in the forests of Northern Thailand, where our enterprising artisans collect them and turn them into beautiful and functional natural sculptures. These pieces of teak and other hardwoods are hand-carved and finished with an inviting, smoothly buffed wax finish.

Bellacor #: 802096

Sale Price: $309.00
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Featuring a reproduction of the famed Han Kan handscroll depicting "Nigh...
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Oriental Furniture Raging Stallions Storage Boxes (Set of Three), Width - 25 Inches
Bellacor Number: 802096
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42% ($228.00)
  • Featuring a reproduction of the famed Han Kan handscroll depicting "Night Shining White," a magnificent steed belonging to the T'ang emperor Ming-huang, these elegant trunks are finished in black and red matte lacquer and fitted with cunning brass latches. This collection of fine Chinese home furnishings is hand-crafted by artisans working in the age-old tradition of China's Fujian Province, known worldwide for its dazzling lacquerware and wood carving. Built with Philippine mahogany and elm wood, this furniture features an indigenous Fujian lacquering style which uses seven carefully polished layers of lacquer-tree sap to create a complex, beautiful, and sturdy surface; each piece is then antique-finished for a gorgeous authentic look. The resulting surface has a matte finish, unusual among Chinese lacquer furniture, which is usually very shiny. Many pieces also include genuine brass hardware, which is antiqued and finished to resist rust. These pieces are based on traditional designs steeped in ancient Asian history, and exhibit many common natural and cultural motifs, often adapted from ancient and beloved Asian art. Because of Fujian's proximity to Japan, many of these designs show a Japanese influence. For instance, many of these pieces depict geisha, a celebrated symbol of Japan. Other motifs include birds, animals, and flowers, all of which are meaningful in Buddhist and Confucian-influenced cultures. The painted panels also often include lines of calligraphy and red seals; these have often traditionally been included in Chinese paintings, and many tell stories or poems, adding a lyrical element to the simple beauty of the artwork.


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