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Why The Home Office Is Important

Your office is your home away from home. Unless it's in your home, of course. With more and more people working from home these days, what you put in and around your workspace is very important. Sure, your bedroom is a few steps away, but this is a part of the home that should help you separate your work and home life. You need it to be free of distraction. It's a spot for business and creativity. Bellacor offers quality desks, chairs and accessories to make your workspace a wonder. No spreadsheet required — we'll show you how to get the best of both worlds by working from home.

What You Need For Your Home Office

Let's start with the obvious. You need a desk and comfortable chair. Those are the two absolute essentials, though the styles and sizes of those two things can vary greatly. That's OK, because we have plenty from which to choose. Perhaps less obvious is the need for a desk lamp. Sadly, if you work from home you won't always be working during the light of day, plus it won't always be sunny outside. In fact, those are days when it's kind of nice to be in the house. Bellacor has plenty of desk lamps and overhead lighting fixtures to make sure you always have plenty of illumination in your work area. You'll also need bookshelves and filing cabinets for those documents that can't be kept in the cloud. Most of all, you need to make sure you're comfortable. It's an area where you'll spend a lot of time, so make sure you have a chair that sits high enough to your desk and computer, and that your chair is within reach of everything you need at a moments notice. Plus, leave a little room for personal mementos such as pictures and knick-knacks. Did we mention we have a huge selection of frames? You office is coming together nicely. Now it's just a matter of getting down to work.