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Quoizel Lamps - From Silk to Ceramic

Jun 02, 2008 | by Wendy Weinert

When people think of retro lamps they often think of Quoizel lamps as they tend to fit ideally with older styles of décor and architecture. Whether it is a desk lamp or a freestanding light, Quoizel lamps tend to be the right choice to illuminate any room as they truly are timeless in design.

Tiffany-inspired Quoizel lamps are very sought after by both ordinary homeowners and professional designers alike as they are gorgeous and very affordable. Featured in this style, panes of glass are soldered together with lead to make a pleasing pattern and light play when the lamp is lit. Furthermore, there are many shade styles available including ones that are shaped like Chinese straw hats, umbrella shades and flared skirt styles. These ornate lamps often times have detailed bases and beautiful pull chains to turn them on and off.

Yet another interesting style of Quoizel lamps is the non-Tiffany lamps where the shade is created from one polished cup or teepee of glass. These are available in beautiful tobacco, amber and black shades.

Many of these lamps also have “frills” that include scalloped edges, crimped edges and ornate hems embellished with metal designs. Almost all of the styles are also adorned with gorgeous spinels at the top that refer to all kinds of different eras of architecture.

The company also creates many lamps that have silk shades and ceramic bases. Once again, many of these lamps would look good in homes that have architectural references from the 1890s through to the fifties. Many of the ceramic colors also reflect these eras. For instance, if you are looking for that fabulous fifties lamp in maternity pink or hospital green, you are likely to find it here in the Quoizel lamps collection.

However as antique as these lamps look don’t let them fool you. They are state-of-the-art and can function in trilight modes to adjust the intensity of your lighting.

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