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Styles of Sconces

May 23, 2008 | by Wendy Weinert

Styles of sconces have come a long way over the years and Bellacor is pleased to offer you thousands of choices. Thousands? Really? Yes, really. We make it easy to navigate through Bellacor’s huge selection of wall sconces, yet understand it can still be overwhelming. Read on for help finding a sconce style that fits you.

Some of Bellacor's sconce styles include:

Contemporary Sconces-stylish, unique sconces, modern designs, uses vivid color and sleek metals, eclectic feel
Mission Sconces-serene sconces, craftsman style, clean lines, simple elegance, mainly wood or iron
Country Sconces-detailed designs, floral sconces, nice scroll accents, mixture of materials used
Transitional Sconces-popular styles, large selection, broad range of materials and prices, fits nicely in any décor
Rustic/Lodge Sconces-inspired by nature and animals, antler sconces and metals are popular, artful sconces
Old World Sconces-intricate scrolls, stout designs, candle sconces, wrought iron is widely used
Whimsical Sconces-fun, themed sconces, lots of color, great selections for children’s rooms, variety of materials used
Crystal Sconces-ornate details, formal, crystal sconces add sophistication, variety of finishes
Tiffany Sconces-unique accent pieces, metal and colorful glass merge beautifully
Tropical Sconces-ideal for island or beach themes, fun designs, mix of materials
Retro Sconces-simple and understated, common metal finishes such as brass and chrome

Sconce Types:

Armed Candle Sconces are designed with protruding “arms” that hold a single light at their end. These sconces can have a single arm to an elaborate multi-arm design. Bathroom lighting is one of many choices available in this sconce type.
Flush-to-Wall Sconces are low profile and hug the wall to benefit small or narrow spaces, such as hallways and stairways. Decorative, yet functional. Many ADA-compliant sconces are offered in this category.
Half Moon Sconces are larger at one end and gently taper down. These sconces are versatile, popular, and available in every style and price range. A nice fit in any setting.
Specialty Sconces offer numerous ways to have fun with your lighting. Comprised of unique designs and materials, specialty sconces make a visual statement. They are eclectic and colorful pieces of art. Be sure to check out the FotoFrame collection.

Whether you need help finding an amazing wall sconce or a lamp to match, a Bellacor Product Specialist is waiting to help you define your perfect space.

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