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Wall Sconce Installation

Jun 02, 2008 | by Wendy Weinert

Wall sconce installation is best left to professionals with electrical experience; however, many consumers successfully install their own sconces. If you would like to install your new sconce, Bellacor recommends reviewing the sconce manufacturer’s instructions carefully and taking safety very seriously. If a wired sconce style is not an option for you, Bellacor offers attractive plug-in sconces as well.

Experts have developed general guidelines for wall sconce installation, which can be helpful in standard lighting arrangements. Where should you place your sconce? It is suggested to install a wall sconce 66”-78” above the floor to prevent it from being bumped. If you would like your sconce installed lower, Bellacor offers flush-to-wall sconces to fit your needs. In multiple-sconce situations, experts recommend placing them 6’-8’ apart for the best aesthetic balance.

Regardless of who installs your sconces, there are some helpful tips we will share with you.

Tips for wall sconce installation:
  • Consider where your sconces will be placed. If you will be looking up or down at your sconces, you may want to consider a closed style or a diffused sconce to prevent staring at bare bulbs. If your sconces are in a high-traffic area, flush-to-wall or ADA-compliant sconces are a practical, yet stylish, solution.
  • Before performing any work, turn off electrical power to the area of sconce installation at the circuit breaker box.
  • If your sconce is shrink wrapped for protection, it is recommended to leave it on until you are ready to tighten the sconce to the wall.
  • Consider installing dimmer switches to enhance the mood created by your wall sconces.
  • When installing wall sconces in an area such as a hallway, balance the look by placing them in a staggered pattern the length of the hallway.

These are just guidelines and you are encouraged to use your imagination with your lighting design. Bellacor offers wall sconces in every style, size, and color imaginable so you can get creative and find a look perfect for you.

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