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Styles of Under Cabinet Lighting

Aug 02, 2011 | by Wendy Weinert

Sparkling kitchens and bathrooms deserve some attention, and you can really show yours off with the various under cabinet lighting styles that are available.

Under cabinet lights, or UC lights, are a homeowner's way of throwing a ticker-tape celebration of style and cleanliness for the visitors to their home. These show-lights highlight immaculate, fashionable, bathrooms and kitchens by shining down on the surfaces below from beneath the cabinets above. Some of the more popular styles include the task light, the disk light, and the linear light.

The task light may be the most common UC lighting found in homes today, although the other two styles are beginning to shine, as well. The task light is one or more bulbs, or a long fluorescent light that is covered by a clear, plastic panel. Disk lights are installed individually under your cabinets and you can have as many as you like. These elegant UC lights are like having spotlights shining down on celebrities, and the star is either your kitchen, or your bathroom. One of the more flexible styles is linear lighting, and it allows the homeowner much more room for creativity. A transformer must be installed, and clear plastic tubing tracks down from the transformer to anywhere the homeowner wants to place it. This is known as, laying the track, and when the switch is thrown, the plastic tubing is flooded with light, beautifying any area in which the tubing has been placed.

Many people fear that under cabinet lighting is too expensive for them to afford, however, it is not such a hit on the budget that one has to rule it out. The lights can be bought online for a reasonable price, and a professional electrician can do the wiring for you at just a shade under $500.00. Your house will love these lights, your guests will marvel at them, and you will be enchanted with the results.

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