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Spotlight on: Moenia

Mar 07, 2007 | by Wendy Weinert

Moenia Design specializes in high-quality woven furnishings. They strive to create a casual elegance that will withstand the test of time. You will notice a shift to cleaner lines, and more variety in the colors, styles, and materials offered in their product line in an effort to transition to a more modern aesthetic.

The history starts more than 25 years ago in the California wine country town of Healdsburg, where reproductions of European wine country baskets filled a small retail store. Many of those baskets are still offered today in their Vineyard Collection. Over time, more baskets were added, as well as furniture and other decorative accessories. Later, the retail store was closed and Moenia Design, then known as Vintage Baskets, began to sell exclusively to the design trade and retailers.

In May of 2005 the assets of Vintage Baskets were acquired by Moenia Design. Moenia is a Latin word that means "walled dwelling or castle". It is pronounced "mo en' ya" (emphasis on the "en"). They chose the word Moenia because it implies the conscious creation of a sanctuary; the kind of place designed to make you feel completely carefree.

Moenia Design believes that their commitment to high quality, and exceptional customer service will instill that sense of confidence in everyone they work with - whether it be a custom design for a large hotel or a repeat Buyers for a small retailer. They strive for integrity throughout the organization and they mean what we say. They believe that credibility, integrity and a commitment to customer service are essential attributes for their staff.

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