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Crystal Chandelier Styles

May 23, 2008 | by Wendy Weinert

Today you can have crystal chandelier lighting and modern design, too! Ornate crystal chandeliers reminiscent of yesteryear are definitely still available, but the chandelier market is lush with other styles. If you do not think a chandelier is out there that will fit your style, shop around a bit. You are sure to find the perfect crystal chandelier for you and your home.

Chandeliers come in many new designs that include sleek metals with cylindrical crystal columns and freeform shapes with colored crystals. Some even use black crystals which offer a completely different look, regardless of the overall design of the crystal chandelier. Other chandelier designs that have no crystal at all offer other lighting options.

When investing in beautiful crystal chandeliers for your home, consider room size, expected illumination, and design features. You want a chandelier that enhances your room, but does not dominate it. You also may want to put a dimmer switch on your chandelier to control the light output. What looks dim during the day may seem blinding at night.

You should also verify that your electrical box in the ceiling is equipped to hold the extra power load and weight. All those little lights can pull a lot of juice and even relatively small crystal chandeliers are quite heavy. If your ceiling and electrical box have not had a chandelier hanging from them, it is safe to assume that it is not reinforced. It is usually easy to retrofit your electrical box and add additional support for your chandelier.

When hanging lights and particularly when hanging your crystal chandelier, you may also want to consider ease of cleaning. Many larger chandeliers are fitted with a system that can lower the chandelier for easier cleaning. Since crystal only sparkles when it is clean, this can be a pretty important feature.

Another important consideration when choosing hanging lamps of any kind is room or area size. Too large and you will dwarf the rest of your room. Too small and your hanging light will seem insignificant. Think proportionately when considering lighting options.

Also, balance your crystal chandelier lighting with the rest of your furniture. If you have a heavy, dark dining room table, hanging a dark, ponderous chandelier will appear downright gothic. Instead, consider an open-design chandelier to compliment your table.

With today’s lighting selections, you should be able to easily add pizzazz to your home. Crystal chandeliers are only the beginning. Many other hanging lamps are available. Combine hanging lights with recessed and accent lighting to add warmth to your décor.

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