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Under Cabinet Lighting: Practical & Attractive Lighting For The Kitchen

Jul 27, 2011 | by Wendy Weinert

Under cabinet lighting is an excellent choice wherever there is work to be done. Its purpose is to shine light on a work surface without shining into anyone's eyes. The kitchen is the most common location for this sort of lighting. Typically, the lights are installed so that they cannot be seen directly from any point in the kitchen yet provide good illumination for one particular counter-top. A professionally installed under cabinet lighting setup can turn a dull, uninspired kitchen into something that would not look out-of-place in a glossy design magazine.

Installing the lights should be done carefully. Under cabinet lighting has all the usual wiring and switching requirements, but the installation must be performed cleanly and without damaging or defacing the existing decor. One of the most important things to remember is that as many holes as possible should be covered up once the installation is finished. It is worth taking extra care when making cutouts for switch boxes and the like, since it is very easy to cut too far and permanently deface a good panel or cabinet. A good installation is notable for being completely invisible to the naked eye.

Choosing the placement and type of under cabinet lighting is very important to the final effect. A dry run is always useful. Consider temporarily wiring up the lights so that you can get an accurate impression of their color and brightness. All lights have a color; some may be bluer or more yellow, and this will greatly contribute to the room’s ambiance. Similarly, having too much light can be just as bad has having too little, so be sure to check well in advance. Choose with care and under cabinet lighting will be both subtle and practical. It will enhance both the aesthetics and the usefulness of any room in which it is installed.

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