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Outdoor Living: The Best Camping Lights

Mar 20, 2014 | by Wendy Weinert

When you go camping, there are many activities that you can enjoy. You may desire to go to a state park, publicly owned camping grounds, or even private land that isn't developed. Camping can involve using a sleeping bag and lying in the open air without shelter, sleeping in a tent, using a shelter built outdoors, or staying in a motor home or recreational vehicle. The activities that you can do while camping are endless, and once you're there, you will most likely need to start by building a fire after you set up camp. You can go hiking, swimming, exploring, mountain-biking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, or backpacking while on a camping trip.

Before you leave for your camping trip, you will need to pack some necessary things. For your shelter, you will need your tent and all that goes with it, a tarp or something to put on the ground to keep moisture out, and any tools that are necessary for putting up your tent. You will need your sleeping bags, blankets in case the temperature drops, pillows, an air mattress and pump, and possibly some utility bags for storage. You will need food and necessary kitchen equipment so that you can prepare and eat all of your meals at the campsite. Some of these include water, a cooler, a camping stove, matches, wood, fire-starters, paper products, aluminum foil, paper towels, trash bags, containers, cooking utensils, zip-top bags, a can opener, tongs, and skewers for the fire. You will also need all appropriate clothing and personal items. You should always pack a well-stocked first aid kit for any emergencies, and bug spray and sunscreen are a must as well. Other miscellaneous items that will come in handy are camp chairs, a compass or GPS, fishing gear, sporting equipment, sunglasses, trail maps, tissues, and binoculars. You may also need a pen and paper, cards and games, walkie-talkies, work gloves, scissors, an umbrella, and a fire extinguisher.

The lighting that you choose to use while you are camping is important because of the need to be able to see after dark. You may choose from several different types of lighting. First, remember to pack backup batteries, gas, and matches so that you have enough. Flashlights are simple to bring along, but you must remember that you will have to hold the light with one hand, so don't plan to use it when you are doing something that uses both hands. Snake lights are very versatile and are great because they can be used in different positions - hang one around your neck, or coil it up and use it as a lamp. Candle lanterns are useful, if you don't need an extremely bright light. Headlamps are great if you need the use of both hands: You can simply strap it onto your head and get going. These lights usually have adjustable beams so that you can pinpoint your light. Glow sticks are fun for kids to carry around, but you need to remember that they aren't a great source of light. They are best used as night lights inside the tent. Gas-powered lanterns are an ideal source of light while camping: They light a larger area, and they come in a variety of sizes. When camping, choose the lighting that will best serve your needs during your trip. Some campsites are lit, while others have no electricity or lighting available to visitors.

Camping is a great activity for people of all ages. You have to prepare a great deal before you go, but as long as you have everything you need, you'll have a great experience. There are so many things you can learn and see by exploring while on a camping trip. It is also a great experience for anyone to get out into the fresh air and see nature first-hand. Camping is a great activity that encourages a healthy lifestyle and promotes caring for the environment.