8 Chandelier Trends for 2018

8 Chandelier Trends for 2018

If this year’s lighting trends are any indication, the future is most certainly looking bright. Case in point: the chandelier. This classic fixture is taking center stage with contemporary updates, fresh finishes, and a few blasts from the past. We’re shining a spotlight on the eight hottest chandelier trends for 2018 and covering what styles you can expect to see in the months ahead. (One other prediction: You’re going to want them all.)

1. Hygge Chandeliers – Candles, Coziness & Warmth

Ahh, hygge. If you adore the look and feel of comfort like we do, then you’ll definitely want to acquaint yourself with this popular Scandinavian trend. Pronounced “hue-gah” (FYI), its main objective is to create a sanctuary of feel-good design themes and decorative accents that make your everyday life better (imagine the lighting equivalent of your favorite reading nook). From super-soft blankets and pretty coffee cups to shaggy faux-fur rugs, hygge is all about building a welcoming environment full of warmth, coziness, and plenty of candles, i.e. candelabra chandeliers. In other words, it’s all the proof you need that the little things really are what counts.

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2. Lagom Chandeliers – “Just the Right Amount”

You don’t have to wait for spring to clean house. Simplify your home décor with low-profile fixtures that make extravagant lighting seem so yesterday. Another Danish design influence, Lagom, emphasizes doing “just the right amount” and embracing the power of quiet pieces and basic living. This minimalist approach isn’t all about chandeliers, but it certainly can extend to encompass them. Keep things in proportion with sleek fixtures that complement your overall space and its existing décor, and follow the Goldilocks approach by not settling until you find what’s “just right”. Pendant lighting is also a good place to look for these simplistic, pared-down designs.

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3. Warm Metals Pop

Brass Chandeliers

Aged, burnished, or polished to perfection… the choice is entirely yours. Step back in time with the look of vintage-inspired brass and unique patinas, or complement the here and now with sleek contemporary styles.

Copper Chandeliers

This rich metal is a timeless choice that’s versatile enough to work with a wide range of aesthetics. Make a luxe statement with satin copper fixtures, or embrace the natural beauty of raw copper and hammered finishes.

Gold Chandeliers

All that glitters is not gold (but a lot of it is). Golden metallics are a modern-day must-have, so give your home the Midas touch with chandeliers trimmed in sunny yellow hues, brushed gold, or radiant rose gold tones. This year, look for soft gold designs with matte finishes to give shiny fixtures a run for their money.

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4. Farmhouse Chandeliers Go Chic, Industrial…name it!

The quaint farmhouse look you know and love is getting a chic remodel in 2018 courtesy of posh silhouettes and industrial overtones. Black shades and metalwork contrast beautifully against the aesthetic’s signature white backdrops and shiplap walls or subway tiles, and they add an elegant touch to the rustic charm of wooden furniture, cabinetry, and shelves. Hang an iron chandelier above a cozy seating area or a dining room table for soft illumination, or pair multiple pendant lights over a kitchen island for essential task lighting that’s big on style.

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5. Timeless Styles Are Right On Time

French Country Chandeliers

Bring the picturesque beauty of the French countryside indoors for a change with Parisian-approved overhead lighting. From embellished chandeliers with lots of shimmer and shine to modest silhouettes crafted with wrought iron, these pieces go so well with toilet upholstery and floral-printed everything.

Industrial Chandeliers

Edison bulbs and aged metal frames are still very much in style thanks to industrial décor’s everlasting appeal. Hang these fixtures in a contemporary setting for a vintage look and feel that’s never dated.

Iron Chandeliers

Prefer a more streamlined approach to your lighting? Black iron frames punctuate neutral backdrops with strong, masculine lines. This eye-catching contrast is ideal for minimalists and ties into the principles of hygge and lagom with just the right pick.

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6. Large Chandeliers Are In Charge

Every room needs a focal point, and 2018 asks that you make it a big one with fixtures of epic proportions. These commanding styles are ideal for sprawling homes and open floor plans thanks to their ample light and undeniable “wow” factor. Short on space? No worries. You can enjoy this dynamic trend in smaller areas, as well. Just scale back the size of the chandelier accordingly to suit the room’s overall dimensions and spatial capacity. It’s all about keeping things relative, so feel free to experiment with bigger and bolder fixtures as you please.

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7. Mixed Materials Keep Things Interesting

Mix and match to your heart’s content with creative combinations of forged metal, natural wood, fabric shades, and intricately cut glass. These eye-catching medleys give traditional chandeliers extra character and depth, and they brilliantly unify two competing aesthetics. Try a dynamic pairing of bronzed metal and weathered pine, or take a subtle approach with mixed materials in similar color palettes instead. This trend is particularly ideal when it comes to choosing complementary table lamps and sconces, because it doubles your options when you’re searching for pieces with common traits.

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8. Industrial Shows its Range

Think industrial décor is all the same? Then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Industrial fixtures are surprisingly versatile and can complement a wide range of interiors. Today’s industrial design themes run the gamut from rustic accents to polished fixtures and vintage-inspired silhouettes. But 2018’s take is noticeably more refined than we’ve seen in years past. Create a classic focal point with a generously sized chandelier crafted with wood and iron, travel back in time with ornate scrollwork and exposed bulbs, or add a little shine with glossy black shades and sleek silver finishes instead.

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Shine On, 2018!

Whatever your styling preferences, these 2018 chandelier trends are sure to cast a lovely light on your favorite home décor. And while design trends may come and go (and then come back yet again), the timeless beauty of a chandelier is as enduring as it gets. From innovative takes on the tried and true to the subtleties of modern-day minimalism, there’s truly something here for everyone.

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