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Ideas for choosing the right table accent lamp for your unique style

Table accent lamps play a big part in the overall look and feel of your home. They focus light on a specific area or object, creating visual interest in the space and making a solid statement. Our transitional table accent lamps provide captivating charm and bring a timeless effortlessness to the room. Owing to silver resin bases, retro inspired fabrics, decorative filial features and much more, the style present in these lamps will elevate your style. Our contemporary accent lamps are known for their glaze finishes, unique blend of different materials, glossy and colorful designs and superb construction. Bright accents, exquisite craftsmanship and classy designs mark our collection of traditional accent lamps.

Where table accent lamp work best in your home

Table accent lamps are small accent lamps that can be placed on your tables. They are usually used as a source of romantic and ambient lighting. They can be placed on console tables in the foyer or entryway, on side tables in the living room, on bedside tables in your bedroom or the buffet tables in your dining room. Accent lamps with bold colors, interesting patterns and texture add depth and balance to the room, while fun and quirky lamps bring a playful and lighthearted aesthetic into play. Keep in mind the size, shape and scale of the room and also the decor style you are going for when choosing your lamp.

What to look for in the best table accent lamp

The perfect table accent lamp is usually not more than 24 inches in height. It easily softens and relaxes the light in a room, and is used to draw attention to objects that are within its range. The best way to fully utilize accent lamps is to place multiple ones on different tables around the room to provide enough illumination. You can mix and match different style accent lamps, as long as they complement each other somehow. Think about how you want to light up your space, and then choose appropriate lamps. Our table accent lamps transform your home into a unique and one of a kind space.

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