Armchair Task Floor Lamps

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741 Results

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Ideas for choosing the right armchair task floor lamps for your unique style

Task lighting is a way to focus a key light source for performing specific tasks. Find a wide variety of armchair task floor lamps in a range of inspired designs. Beautiful stainless steel lamps, bronze and copper finishes, elliptical shades, drum shaped shades, antique finishes, satin nickel finished lamps and many more are available for you to use in your contemporary spaces. For modern styles, you'll find options including polished brass lamps, antique iron floor lamps, LED and halogen lamps, and chrome lamps appealing. Interesting designs, different hues, variety of shapes and unique ideas come together in our collection of transitional themed task floor lamps.

Where armchair task floor lamps work best in your home

Task floor lamps eliminate shadows and give you the perfect amount of light needed for your task at hand. In your living room, position the lamps beside your sofa or your favorite chair. You can use these lamps in your study or home office beside the desk. Or utilize their focused light in your bedroom to provide ambient lighting. They are flexible so you can move them to an angle that is most comfortable for your task without disturbing your partner. Floor lamps can make a space feel taller, making them strong additions in rooms with lower ceilings as well.

What to look for in the best armchair task floor lamps

Our armchair task floor lamps provide the right ambiance in your space and dramatically enhance and elevate your lamp arrangements throughout a room. Create masterpieces of design style by making these lamps the focal points of your rooms, highlighting the strongest elements of your spaces with the power of light. They can brighten the whole room or just a small part of it, depending on your requirement. These lamps are easily portable and extremely versatile, so you can move them around if you please. There are many style and design options to choose from, so you'll be sure to find lamps that complement the other light fixtures in your house to create a cohesive look throughout.

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