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How to Shop for Bar Stools

Bar stools or counter stools maximize your dining capacity in a practical-yet-affordable way. While bar stools work best in the kitchen, you can also re-purpose them to be used throughout different spaces in your home like the entertainment room, patio, man cave or deck.

Types of Bar Stools

Bar stools come in various styles, types and finishes like most furniture. They not only add an interesting visual element to your kitchen, but they are also the perfect seating option for an informal gathering. Height, comfort, spacing and durability are the essential criteria that you must bear in mind when choosing a counter stool for your home. Wooden bar stools are a great choice if you are looking for a versatile, no-fuss counter stool for a simplistic kitchen or bar. Alternatively, the sleek design of metallic bar stools creates a trendy look and most often ensures easy stacking when not in use. You can bring elegance and sophistication to your décor with leather bar stools that are easy to maintain. Another decision you will have to make is whether you'd like stationary or swivel bar stools. Swivel stools move at 360- and 180-degree angles.

Choosing bar stools with a backrest is another notable option to consider while shopping. Stools with a large back support are the most comfortable but keep in mind that these types of stools tend to take up more space. If you're looking for a bar stool with a backrest, but lack space, shop for a bar stool with a small lip backrest.

You can also shop for stools by the shape of the seat. Seat types include saddle, square, round and bucket. We carry a wide variety of styles that appeal to all tastes and seating requirements. You can easily filter your search using the features section on this page.

Bar Stool Styles

When you are looking for bar stools, you will find options of every kind with us. Available in myriad styles such as traditional, modern, coastal, and contemporary, these stools work as focal points in your décor. Beautiful upholstery, bold lines and classic profiles define traditional bar chairs. Modern bar stools generally feature molded designs with pedestal bases. If coastal is your style, you’ll want to check bar chairs with a rattan back and arms. Find uncompromising styles and designs for a perfect fit in your home.

Bar Stool Considerations

With the busy lifestyles we lead, bar stools are a practical option for a quick and informal dining experience. Before making the final purchasing decision, make sure the stools match the current style setting of your home and will fit in seamlessly. Once the style is sorted, focus on the comfort levels of the bar stool. Choose from options with an armrest or backrest. The advantage of counter stools without a backrest is that they can be easily stacked, which is ideal for smaller spaces.

Additionally, the height of the bar chairs should be a top priority when you are looking to buy. It is worth considering adjustable height bar stools rather than fixed ones, especially if you move homes. However, fixed height chairs are lot more aesthetically appealing. Another area for consideration is to have a swivel seat or not. While the swivel chairs make it a whole lot easier to move around, swivel seats and children are not always the best combination.

Bar Stool Height

It is very important to get the bar stool height right in your room. If it is short you will find it difficult to reach the bar, if it is tall then you will have to slouch – either way, not an ideal scenario.

A tip to select the perfect counter stool would be to first measure the height of the bar or the counter and then subtract 10" from it to find the perfect height of your stool. This gives you enough space to comfortably sit at the bar, even cross-legged.

A counter-height bar stool is generally 18 to 26 inches tall (seat height); this height aligns with a typical counter-height table of 34 to 36 inches. Alternatively, a bar-height stool is usually 28 to 36 inches tall (seat height). They are best paired with 41 to 44-inch bar-height tables and bars. They are too tall for typical counter-height tables. It sounds more complicated than it is, trust us!

Now that you have got the idea about what you need to look out for before buying a bar stool, go ahead and pick up a great one for your home!

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