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Towel Hooks

Ideas for choosing the right towel hooks for your unique style

Fixing a dedicated place for hanging your robes and towels in your bathroom or powder room is essential! Sometimes, it's the little things that help us most in the morning, after all. One of the best and most stylish ways to do this is by installing a designer bathroom hook. If transitional is your style of decor, you’d prefer your fixtures combining functionality with a little decorative detailing and curvy contours. Sleek lines and metallic finishes are perfect for accentuating contemporary bath spaces and we have plenty of functional designs to choose from. Give traditional spaces the charm of the yesteryears by using retro-style bathroom hooks that boast durability along with decorative detailing on metals such as brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome.

Robe Hooks & More

Where bathroom hooks work best in your home

As is evident from the name, bathroom hooks are an essential accessory in bathrooms and powder rooms alike. Yet there are certainly other places in your home that can benefit from their presence as well. If you have a walled dressing space in your bedroom, these hooks make a functional addition. Choose from chrome, nickel and stainless steel for popular finishes and install your pick either inside your wardrobe, inside a walk-in closet or behind your door for robe hooks that make rising just a little bit easier each morning. Not to take away from our elegant bath hooks, but make sure you install them in a way that dangled clothing won’t catch the eye when someone enters the room.

What to look for in the best bathroom hooks

Your style evolves with our collection of hooks, which offer durability, style, and function. Select hooks to match your style requirements - whether transitional, contemporary or traditional. Decide whether you prefer twin hooks, double robe hooks or a stylish café chrome robe hook for your specific needs. Look for hooks that radiate beautiful finishes, sculpted silhouettes, and decorative detailing when you want to lend an aesthetic touch to the decor. For a coordinated display, make sure the other fixtures in your bath space carry similar styles and finishes.

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