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Bathroom Mirror Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas for choosing the best bathroom mirror for your unique style

Of all the places you may hang a wall mirror, there’s no mirror as important as the one you install in your bathroom. Your bathroom is a direct reflection of your style and the bathroom mirror is a direct reflection of, well, you. Once you have created your distinct look with wall color, tile choices, plumbing fixtures, a vanity and flooring, the bathroom mirror is an important focal point. Not only does the mirror need to work seamlessly within the space, it also needs to fit within the confines of any architectural or installed fixtures, including wall sconces, bathroom vanities, windows or crown molding.

Mirror shape is likely one of the first places you’ll begin to shop for bathroom mirror ideas. Rectangular bathroom mirrors are the most common because you can see your entire reflection and the symmetrical design fits in to mimic the rectangular shape of a bathroom vanity. If you want to bring more playful shapes into your design, consider choosing something different for powder room mirrors or for a master bathroom mirror. Round, square, oval or arched mirrors are excellent choices, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

Once you have determined the shape and size of mirror for your bathroom, you should decide whether your space would look best with a framed bathroom mirror or frameless. A framed bathroom mirror adds a decorative element to your room, but keep in mind, it will minimize the mirror’s reflective surface area. Choosing a framed bathroom mirror opens up many other options and you can shop for frames in popular finishes like nickel, matte black, rubbed bronze, and chrome.

When you have narrowed down the shape, size and mirror type, you can begin to shop by unique mirror features. Adjustable features can adapt as you need. You might search for bathroom mirrors with lights that are dimmable, LED-enabled or feature touch illumination. You can also shop for bathroom mirrors with shelves for toiletries or decorative accents and you can look for mirrors that swivel or have a medicine cabinet to hide knick-knacks.

No matter the type of bathroom mirror you’re after, don’t make the mistake of making a choice simply based on how it looks. You will want to find a bathroom mirror that addresses style, dimensions of the space, and added features that will enhance the way you use it to get ready each morning.

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