Bellacor Professional, the members-only division of Bellacor that’s dedicated to serving interior designers, architects, builders, was recently featured on a well-known interior design podcast, A Well-Designed Business®. The acclaimed podcast airs twice a week on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeart Radio, serving as a respected resource for interior design professionals. LuAnn Nigara, the host of a Well-Designed Business is a prominent speaker, best-selling author and business owner. Nigara interviewed Sara Saferstein, director of Bellacor Professional about how having a division that’s dedicated to those in the industry benefits the business, the professional and the client.

Like Nigara, Saferstein has accumulated several years in the industry, working with manufacturers, designers and retailers in lighting and home decor. She now leads a team that’s dedicated to helping professionals in the industry find lighting fixtures, decor and home furnishings that’s perfect for their project, offering trade-pricing, free shipping and other exclusive advantages for professionals.

Bellacor Professional offers a team that’s dedicated solely to assisting members of the Bellacor Professional.

To hear the podcast and find out more about how you can work with a team for free while benefiting from trade pricing, free shipping and access to preferred brands for your next project, click the play button below where Saferstein explains how her team works with interior designers, builders and other professionals to bring their projects to fruition.

Listen to the Podcast

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