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Ideas for choosing the right candleholders for your unique style

Blown glass, braided, and globe candleholders are great choices for any style of home. You can incorporate them easily into a space as their details are often appealing to many aesthetics. If transitional style is your thing, consider pieces that incorporate clear glass, metalwork, and sculptural elements. For those that are looking for a more traditional candleholder: wooden, bronze, and ceramic pieces are great choices (this is especially true for turned wood and sets of tiered candlesticks). If your home has a contemporary feel, you might want to look for unique materials and clean lines in your candleholders. Consider incorporating candle wall sconces,, as they are often designed with a sculptural look in mind.

Tips to elevate your decor with candleholders

It is undeniable that candle light and candleholders are great mood setters for any room in your home. It is the original source of lighting for humans, and there is nothing like a flickering flame. If you are looking to add layers of lighting to your space, candles and candleholders are the ultimate addition of sparkle to a space. You can fill out a corner of your room with a vignette of metal candleholders on a side table, set the mood of a hallway with candle sconces, or create a traditional dining tablescape with a candle centerpiece.

Tips for creating a relaxing environment with candlelight

The key to creating a relaxing environment with candlelight is embracing the visual warmth that flames create. This might be placing multiple lit candles in various places in your room, as it will lead the eye around the space and create visual (and calming) interest. Alternatively, you can create a relaxing focal point with a gathering of various candles in a single spot. It can be relaxing and visually calming, like watching the flames of a wood fire. You might consider varying the height of a collection of candles for a great visual effect.

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