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Raise the bar of your home’s decor with flawlessly sculpted decorative lanterns. Whatever style of lamp posts, candle lanterns, indoor and outdoor lanterns, and hanging lanterns you prefer, our extensive collection offers a splendid variety to suit your taste. Candle lanterns are the perfect source of illumination with a hint of romance! As an added bonus, they add a hint of glamour to your home and work seamlessly with other design elements like candle sconces. From styles that lean toward rustic to modern, country to contemporary and traditional to transitional, decorative lanterns are indeed fine works of art. Mixing materials and finishes for a heightened effect in your space, candle lanterns serve as the perfect reflection of your fine taste in indoor and outdoor illumination.

Decorative Lantern Ideas

A decorative lantern is the perfect statement piece that makes a flexible addition to your decor. Invest in large decorative lanterns when you want to perk up the ambiance of your space and infuse romance into the decor. Constructed of glass or metal, these lanterns can be used indoors or out. Accentuate the exterior of your home with our outdoor candle lanterns that will fill the entrance with warmth and create an inviting feel for your guests. Built tough to withstand the elements, our patio candle lanterns will dress up cozy patios for a dramatic or soft-touch depending on the ambiance you wish to create in the space.
  • The arch tabletop solar lantern with frosted glass evokes a traditional feel in your space and features a die-cast aluminum construction with weathered brown powder coating. Reminiscent of the bygone era, this lantern carries an enticing old world charm.
  • The set of three white lanterns blends a little traditional with a little modern to create a transitional feel in your space. Each decorative candle lantern is designed impeccably and features mission styling, glass inserts, vented tops, and hinged doors.
  • If contemporary is the style close to your heart, contemporary candle lantern provides a distinct touch to your decor with eye-pleasing, modernized designs.
  • For country styling, you can opt for a gray and green candle lantern that combines glass and metal to lend a rustic feel to the decor.

Hanging Lantern Ideas

Illuminate your space in style with hanging lanterns available in our exquisite collection. Use a few of these lanterns strategically, combining hanging candle lanterns with the tabletop ones and evoke a countryside feel in your home. Large candle lanterns with an antique finish look beautiful hung from the ceiling and instantly draw the attention of your guests. While wall mount candle lanterns are installed on the wall, hanging lanterns are suspended from the ceiling.

Our collection features sets of three antique gray candle lanterns of which two are tabletop kind and the third one hangs in style on a metal chain. Open style lanterns with wood frames, metal top and handle and glass votive lends a wonderful accent to the decor with their distinct styling and natural finishes. Cream and brown hanging lanterns carry a decorative appeal with their open style design and wooden frames. Great for lighting candles when you need illumination in a space, these lanterns instill warmth and take the ambiance level up. Simple yet elegant style glass hanging lanterns are a rage when you prefer smaller designs that stand out in your room without appearing gaudy or flashy to a visitor.

Candle Lantern Reviews

If unique lanterns are on your mind, make sure you visit our store and get a peek into our exclusive collection. Candle lanterns provide a classic, rustic touch to your home and drape your space in the glow of warmth. Lanterns with candles are available in a host of styles, materials, and finishes to create a lovely presentation in your space. Our lanterns for sale are multi-functional, add a warm glow in the indoor space, and illuminate the exterior to keep it safe and secure. Below you'll find just some of our top reviewed lanterns to help you in your process of discovering the perfect home accents.

We offer value with our selection of candle lanterns. A customer has loved the metal and glass lantern for the antique look it boasts and the glow it emits even with flame-less candles. Our wrought iron finish wall lantern is quite a hit with our clients who have loved its good looks, quality finishes, and the romantic ambiance it sparks up in the room. A customer of the unique, solar-powered tangled design lantern has rated it high on the scales of looks and performance, adding that it gives off a beautiful light pattern in the night.

Wood vs Metal Lanterns

Wood candle lanterns evoke a countryside feel to infuse rustic charm into the decor. One look at any metal candle lantern with intricate detailing in our collection and you will find yourself transported to the bygone era of the aristocracy. Wooden candle lanterns are more suited for indoor installation, but if the wood is treated it is also suitable for illuminating the exterior. Metal lanterns work as outdoor candle lights and they are exterior rated for optimum performance even when exposed to the elements. An outdoor metal lantern is heavier than wooden designs to stand without wobbling when the weather conditions become inclement.

Whitewashed wood and glass finish rectangular lanterns are great for lighting up the home and exude a rich, pristine white finish. Brown finish lanterns show off natural finishes and feature wooden frames with metal tops. The top of these hanging lanterns is vented and the design is a perfect amalgamation of wood, glass, and metal. Lanterns with a stand look beautiful in the yard and as part of the garden landscape. With a neutral, grey finish and a combination of metal and glass, these gel effortlessly into any landscape. Mesh lanterns with a bronze finish are enveloped with wire mesh on the exterior and feature metal frames and a hinged top with a handle. They create a sophisticated statement in any rustic style interior space that will do well with a rich glow.

Retro-styled decorative lanterns are popular in homes and hospitality areas today for the charm and glamour they add to the decor. Be it any style or finish you prefer, you will have plenty to choose from in our selection of candle lanterns. From wall-mounted to hanging styles, metal frames to wooden finishes, lantern posts to table mount designs, or even traditional white candle lanterns, there is no lack of stylish lanterns at Bellacor. Infusing a generous measure of warmth into the interior and exterior spaces, indoor and outdoor candle lanterns are great for illuminating living rooms, dining spaces, bedrooms, patios, entryways, front yards, and everything in between. Browse through our huge collection and discover candle lanterns that fit your unique style.

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