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Comforter Sets

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Designer Bedding & Comforter SetsDesigner Bedding & Comforter Sets

Each day starts and ends in the same place – your bed! You should look for designer bedding that makes you truly excited and inspired to come home and kick your shoes off. Let's rise refreshed each morning and ease into bed each night in comfort and style! It all starts by carefully handpicking details that matter most to you including piece count, aesthetics, fabric, laundering, breathability, comfort, and affordability. If you do this right, you'll be counting Zs rather than sheep in no time!

Designer Bedding

Designer details that count
Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's jump straight into everyone's favorite detail – style points! Designer comforter sets will help you turn your bedding into the focal point of your room. After all, your bed is much more than a place to rest your head at night. It's an extension of your personality, your favorite colors, your tactile needs, and much more. Keeping all of this in mind, here are just a few key points to consider while seeking the best designer bedding for you.

When it comes to style points, the Italia Dolce Milan Grey Ten-Piece Queen Comforter Set pictured above scores a 10. This stunning presentation layers in fine details from the embroidered pillows to the bed skirt and everything in between. Featuring European inspired details, paisley printed microfiber polyester face cloth, two queen shams, two quilted European shams, one embroidered pillow, one round pillow and one printed paisley pillow, you can see how designer bedding becomes an exquisite work of art the more you layer with intricate details. Even better, with our vast selection you'll be able to choose from sets of 10 all the way down to a single comforter to build a custom bed that strikes the right compromise of price and exquisite detail for you!

Designer Comforter Sets

Something for every style
Of course, style preferences come from all walks of life and perspectives. While some of us absolutely love ornate details like those pictured above, perhaps you have a more minimalist or utilitarian perspective when it comes to bedding sets. If you know what you like but just aren't quite sure what to call it, the pictures below overview popular styles by name. So, what's your aesthetic? We'll have something for you!

Traditional options of designer bedding will feature all of the trappings and flourishes we've come to expect over the last century – darker colors, attention to detail, layers upon layers, and heavy construction. Transitional comforter sets take a different approach by effortlessly blending the past and present to update the classics in new and inventive ways. Transitional style also can blend with a diverse array of decor styles and color schemes effortlessly. Designer comforter sets of the contemporary variety will often feature softened features, neutral hues, or inversely, bold colors with a certain level of contrasting restraint only matched by modern styles. To point, designer comforter sets with modern leanings generally feature more austere features, neutral and muted tones, fewer details, and clean silhouettes and lines for understated confidence where less is truly more.

Cotton Comforter Sets & More

Popular fabric comparisons
When picking the best comforter sets for your unique style and needs, you’ll want to iron out each detail from several other key perspectives. Let's talk materials! For the best results, start by considering your climate's cycles, your own laundering habits and frequency, the durability and breathability of your desired fabric, and of course, flair and style. Two fabrics that are very popular for comforter sets are cotton and polyester. More importantly, they have many contrasting characteristics that make them prime candidates for comparison. Putting both in league as viable comforter set materials, here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Cotton comforter features
Cotton is a natural fiber whereas polyester is synthetic. As a natural fiber, cotton bedding breathes, helping you stay much cooler than with polyester. Cotton comforters also absorb water where polyester does not and are generally softer to the touch and gentler on sensitive skin. Cotton bedding is also more susceptible to wrinkling than polyester. On the other hand, cotton bedding sets are much more cooperative when it comes to stain removal than polyester. Longer fiber cotton sheets will also resist "pilling" – the process by which small balls of fluff form on fabric surfaces over time. As a natural fiber, cotton bedding is ultimately less durable than polyester bedding over time and will be more susceptible to damage with age.

Polyester comforter features
Polyester does not absorb water, which helps to trap heat. For hot and humid climates, this arguably makes it less desirable than cotton. The lack of water absorption also makes stain removal more difficult for polyester bedding than cotton. However, for cooler, dryer climates, polyester can work in your favor. A true perk of polyester is its extreme durability. It can withstand more frequent washes, making it desirable if you're looking to turn over a bed more frequently. Polyester is also much more wrinkle resistant than cotton. When you think of hotels, you can begin to see the advantages of polyester bedding over cotton from this perspective. Polyester is also quick to dry since it does not absorb moisture, but it will pill over time, whereas cotton will be more resistant to this type of wear and tear. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure to pair with matching bed sheets and pillow shams for a look and feel that will have you resting easy.

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