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Ideas for choosing the right contemporary throw pillows for your unique style

If you love to keep your home decor up-to-date, why not brighten your living space with contemporary throw pillows! Geometric prints, fur detailing and interesting patterns make throw pillows a distinct addition to your home. Contemporary throw pillows flourish with trellis prints, striped prints and textured detailing providing a hint of grandeur. From the world of geometric prints throw pillows, there are other options galore. Choose from simple to more elaborate prints and match them with the hues of your decor. Floral prints are evergreen and complement any kind of decor effortlessly. The fresh and effervescent feel that floral prints carry can never really go out of fashion and finds a way to meld with most decor themes seamlessly.

Where contemporary throw pillows work best in your home

Throw pillows lend a wonderful accent to your decor and add a feeling of warmth to any space. Coordinate these meticulously crafted pillows with the upholstery and bed cover in your bedroom to beautify your private space. Throw a few mix and match combinations or color-coordinated pillows on your sofa a tasteful addition to the decor scheme. What’s more, if you have a nice and cozy patio or porch with comfortable seating furniture, double the comfort by placing these contemporary pillows on them. Think up novel ideas of the spaces you can spruce up with throw pillows from Bellacor’s unbelievable collection.

What to look for in the best contemporary throw pillows

The right throw pillows can transform a dull space to liven up and energize the environment in minutes. From our extensive contemporary collection, there is no shortage of pillows to go with your personal sense of style. Choose from accent pillows, indoor/outdoor pillows and floor pillows. Go for reversible options when you wish to get more from your throw pillows. Matching the shade is important if you are particular about coordinating the colors or consider multicolored options that are more versatile. Jubilant prints and bright hues coordinate with lively wall colors and upholstery in surprising ways. Or tone it down and choose simple and elegant designs in earthy shades if you prefer a more sophisticated touch.

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