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Ideas for choosing the best desk for your unique style

Desks are furniture pieces that need to both works for your particular style as well as the tasks and organization that takes place when you sit at it. If your home is classical or traditional in design, look for a desk that has English, Italian, or French influences, a dark stain colored wooden desk is an excellent choice for this style. For a more transitional or contemporary home, cool desks with geometric patterns and simplified details are a perfect way to incorporate a lot of styles. If you are looking for a home office desk that is more modern in style, a simple desk with sleek finishes and an unadorned design is the way to go.

Desks for different spaces and uses

If your home or apartment is short on space, look for small desks like a roll top or secretary that conserves space but still functions well. Desks with storage can be incorporated into a variety of rooms in your home, from full-sized computer desks in a home office, to a small work desk tucked into your entry, or a family office desk placed well in your kitchen, it is all about your personal needs for placement and overall size. Before you choose a particular size, consider the square footage you have and the organization as well as the surface you will need.

What to look for in the best desks

A Mid-Century Modern look is an excellent choice when looking for modern retro desks, and is an excellent source of unique desks for a show stopping addition to your home. The best desks will have drawers for storage and have more of a table desk look than a pedestal desk. More and more homeowners need less pedestal storage for computer peripherals with the use of laptops and tablets. If your home does not need a full desktop for a home office, a small computer desk will have a smaller footprint in your home but still, incorporate a great sense of style.

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