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Buying a Floor Lamp

Choosing a floor lamp for your living room or bedroom seems easy enough; you just have to choose a lamp in the color and style that appeals to you. But when you're flooded with purchase options for floor lamps, you can narrow down your search even more by taking a few key considerations into account.

While a floor lamp shouldn't be used as a primary light source, it should still provide ample general lighting to the room. Usually a floor lamp will be placed in the corner of a room so assess the size of your room to determine how prominent you want the lamp to be. Height, base width and shade type make just as much of a difference as the color and style.

Popular Types of Floor Lamps

Surprising to many, there are several types of floor lamps to choose from and the options extend far beyond the finish and style. A console floor lamp is traditional in style with a pole connected to a base and the light casted downward. Alternatively, a torchiere floor lamp features an upside-down lampshade at the top casting upward lighting. An arc floor lamp has a slightly curved arm that sends light down and away from the base. Lastly, you've likely seen floor lamps with multiple lights. Also called a track tree floor lamp, multi-light lamps have a base, a long pole and several branches from the pole which can send light in adjustable directions.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying a Floor Lamp

Floor lamps can serve a multitude of purposes beyond room illumination. If you need to fill space or add an artistic element to a bare room, placing a floor lamp in the corner can accomplish both. A floor lamp with shelves checks both of those things off the list while also providing storage to display photos and home accents. If you're looking for a floor reading lamp, we suggest looking at an arc floor lamp that can be placed behind a chair or close to a sofa. The curve is able to reach over the furniture and provide generous lighting for reading, studying or drawing. Another capability worth considering is how the light turns on. Floor lamps can be turned on with a pull chain, a brief hand touch or a standard knob switch. You may also appreciate an adjustable floor lamp so that you are able to adjust the height of the lamp or where the light points to.

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