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Ideas for choosing the best floor mirrors for your unique style

Floor mirrors are all about bringing in an oversized or standalone piece into a room to make a big impact. It is a strong statement piece that reflects light and brings in a lot of style, but you also have to be willing to sacrifice a little bit of floor and wall space. A full-length floor mirror is often designed to lean against a wall, bringing a casual look to a focal point in your style. However, there are other designs that help these mirrors stand alone, chevals for instance. In either situation, you want to make sure that it fits well into the proportions of the room and does not overwhelm the space. If it does work proportionally, choosing tall mirrors can elongate your space to increase visual breathing room.

Where floor mirrors look best in your home

A standing mirror like a cheval is a perfect addition to a guest or master bedroom; it brings the mirror off the wall and into the room. With the base detail, it also brings in a distinct style, especially for traditional and classically designed homes. A large floor mirror is also a welcome addition to your entry, especially if it is a medium to large space (a smaller entry might be overwhelmed by a full-size mirror). If you have a home where rooms have high ceilings, ample floor space, and room to breathe, you can place floor length mirrors in spaces throughout your home.

What to look for in the best floor mirrors

Some of the best stand up mirrors are the ones that lean casually against the wall or body mirrors with a cheval stand. The beauty of this type of mirror is the extensive array of frame choices, from minimal wood details to traditional stands in cherry stains, to highly ornamental details. You might even find a modern floor mirror with strong geometric decoration. For a more structured or architectural element in your space, consider a mirror that looks more like a framed window versus a decorative mirror.

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