Four Exquisite Lighting Trends 2018

Four Exquisite Lighting Trends for 2018

Another year is upon us and based on what we’ve been seeing in the world of lighting design, there’s no other way to say it: 2018 is going to be an absolutely stellar year for lighting with big and bold changes in store from the previous year. While the lighting trends of 2017 were exquisite and transcendent in their own right, in 2018 the industry is pushing the boundaries of lighting design in numerous ways. Top lighting designers are at once gorgeously refreshing the styles of bygone eras and leading you on a journey into the latest iterations of modernity that are, frankly, irresistible. So, without further ado, welcome to the daring, decadent and delightful world of lighting in 2018.

Art Deco Dynamism

We have the French to thank for many different inventions, innovations, styles and trends. Among them is Art Deco, a Parisian-born style that never really goes out of style, and that borrows liberally from ancient and exotic cultures, classical antiquity and nature. Well-made Art Deco lighting always boasts a clean, symmetrical and streamlined look that easily seduces the eye. When it comes to your living space, the role of Art Deco lighting should be to illuminate beautifully while making a bold statement via angles, symmetry and lavish materials such as marble and brass. With numerous notable lighting designers being re-inspired in 2018 by the inherent luxury, modernity and craftsmanship of the Art Deco movement, it’s an opportune time to lavish your home environment with these pieces. Case-in-point is the Asime Wall Sconce from Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting, featuring a clear glass shade, a minimalist yet warm design, aged brass finish and marble detailing. Another key design element of Art Deco is evocative lighting. Installing a fixture like Justice Design Group’s Candelaria Dakota Chandelier in a dining room or bedroom will command the mood of the space with its faux candle shades offering a warm glow and complementing finish options including dark bronze and matte black.

Mixed Metals

The rules of interior design are meant to be broken and when done right the results can be inspiring and stunning. Mixing metallic design elements, either within a single lighting fixture or within a larger design environment, is a great way to break the rules and create a harmonious visual plane at the same time. In 2018, gold, silver, brass, rose gold, copper and other metal lighting fixture elements can all work together to create an intentional and thoughtful look within a designer space. Look to pair lighting fixture elements in warm metals and hues with one another and cold metals and hues with one another. Also, consider texture, for example, combining matte, polished and hammered finishes for a sumptuous atmosphere. While mixing metals is an ideal strategy for adding visual interest and depth to space as well as creating the feeling that lighting pieces in your home have been collected over the years, do keep in mind to do it conservatively in order to avoid a mismatched look. Exemplifying the mixed metals trend is the Varaluz Bar None five-light island pendant. Made of hand-forged steel and marrying triangle and polygon shapes, Geo features a distinctive two-tone antique gold and rustic bronze finish that draws in the eye with its subtle, but rich contrast.

Upgraded Vintage Vibe

Whether as an all-encompassing design style or a single element within your designer environment, a vintage lighting fixture can add just the right touch of character to a room. The vintage trend in 2018 is a celebration of the industrial age, but with a remarkable upgraded twist. While utilizing simple shapes, raw materials, rustic finishes in neutral colors and of course, an emphasis on metal, you’ll see sleeker materials, richer tones and modern technology in many pieces. As you shop around, you’ll notice that the new year’s vintage fixtures include finer details that make them look slightly less utilitarian and slightly more artful. So, if you were ever hesitant about introducing vintage aspects into your home environment, the updated look of the trend in 2018 should now entice you to do so. Vintage lighting works incredibly well in the kitchen work area, above the dining area or as a wall light. The right vintage fixture on the wall can even serve as the centerpiece of your home. One notable vintage lighting fixture that comes to mind is the Library Pendant by Troy Lighting. Taking the traditional schoolhouse shape and giving it a modern update, the Library features hand-worked iron and an eye-catching, splatter-effect finish available in copper patina or silver leaf

Retro Modern and Minimalism

When it comes to the creative minds of today’s lighting designers, you can always be certain that while they are looking at ways to incorporate a “leading-edge” ethos into their work, they’re also continuously being inspired by the past. In 2018, this results in designers bringing retro modern to the designer home space. When shopping for retro modern pieces, think sleek and sexy shapes, and simple, utilitarian and remarkably beautiful Scandinavian touches. Retro modern lighting design styles epitomize conscious buying, “slow design” and a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to really set the tone and pace within your living space. It also gives you a chance to express to your guests who you are and what’s important to you. As you look for fixtures, you’ll most certainly come across primary colors like white, black and gray, and materials like wood, steel, concrete, plaster and resin. Retro modern style is embodied by the Chuki pendant from Access Lighting, with its timeless geometric form, a contrast of metal spokes on the outer shade and a minimalist metallic finish. For a more minimalist piece, look to the Aileron by SONNEMAN, featuring a sleek and stunning flat panel design with a rotating wing that can be used for direct or indirect illumination.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on getting familiar with some of the key lighting trends of 2018 and empowering yourself with information that will allow you to enlighten your living space. Like many homeowners, you’d probably love it if your home’s lighting design remained effortlessly timeless forever without the need for an upgrade. However, lighting design does need to be periodically updated and as demonstrated by the trends and pieces above. The beginning o the year is a phenomenal time to do it. Many of the industry leaders in lighting (like those mentioned above) have been researching and developing the next great lighting fixtures for years and it all comes to fruition like never before in the new year. If you’re building your dream home, or thinking about remodeling a space that’s dear to you, this is definitely the year to take advantage of the design-forward and technology-centric lighting pieces that are available to you. We’re confident these tips will serve you well as you take your home’s lighting to the next level of illumination.

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